Gordon Wintrob

Gordon graduated from MIT in 2012 with a B.S. in Course 6 (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science).  He was a member of Phi Sigma Kappa and lived at Burton Conner his freshman year.  Besides running the LA and Boston Marathons, Gordon was a member of the varsity crew and club triathlon teams.  As an undergrad, he received the Karl Taylor Compton Institute Award and was president of the MIT Interfraternity Council.  He was also voted Phi Sig Iron Chef.

I am running the 2014 Boston Marathon as part of the MIT Strong team to express my support of the Institute, to celebrate Ann and Eric Whalleys’ recovery, and to honor the lives that were cut short during last year’s marathon and its aftermath.

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Fundraising Goal: 


Current Fundraising Amount: 



$200.00 Ms Jill Baldauf
$500.00 Ms Linda Lippman
$50.00 Kirsten S Hessler
$150.00 Ms Melissa Miller
$100.00 Ms Miranda Schultz
$25.00 Antony J Speranza
$50.00 Ariana C Chehrazi
$50.00 Mr Jeffrey Cohen
$50.00 Meryl R Del Rosario
$250.00 Ms Cathy Silverman
$50.00 Molly A Kozminsky
$50.00 Mr Rick Wintrob
$5.00 Victor D Pontis
$500.00 Mr Jeffrey Karsh
$25.00 Ms Rebecca Sadun
$10.00 Ms Catherine Sohor
$100.00 Ms Terri Rice
$50.00 Mr David Rice
$100.00 Ms Bonnie Sprague
$100.00 Dr Steven R Tannenbaum
$500.00 Ms Cornelia Daly
$200.00 Ms Betsy Newman
$300.00 Mr Philip Feder
$1,000.00 Avenue Capital Management II, LP
$100.00 Ms Sheryl Layne
$500.00 Mr Marc Gamsin
$1,310.00 Mr. Bruce Karsh
$1,310.00 Mrs. Martha Karsh
$250.00 Ms Julie Miller
$180.00 Mr Steve Leder
$250.00 Mr Douglas Tymins
$50.00 Javier M Duarte
$100.00 Dr Alfredo A Sadun
$100.00 Mrs Debra R. Sadun
$50.00 Laura M Gabrovsek
$4,000.00 Anonymous


MIT Strong -- Go Go Gordon

We love you and are very proud you are doing this to support those who were attacked by cowardly terrorists.  Good luck to the MIT Strong Team and Go Go Gordon!


We are honored to contribute

We are honored to contribute to this meaningful endeavor.  It's heartwarming to know that the MIT community has pulled together to create something positive from this tragedy.   

We're happy to support you

We're happy to support you and MIT/Boston Strong to take back the streets for this great event. That little heartbreak hill will be nothing compared to where you're training! Go Gordon!

Go Get Them Tiger

Dear Gordon Wintrob,

I wish you the best of luck and I think your going to do great in this event.  I am a 4th grade student @Cordillia Hills Elementry School.  We are using technolegy in are classroom and we are focussing on MIT.  I decided to pick you because your a very good person it seem's like and also you had a goal to reach wich was "$10,200".  You made it past that though!!!