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  • I always told myself that I'd rather backpack or hike 26.2 miles and you wouldn't catch me running a marathon unless I had a really good reason... Enter the MIT Strong team!
    - Kris Brewer
  • I was watching the 2013 Boston Marathon from the patio of Forum when the second bomb exploded. I was very lucky to escape with only minor physical injuries, but of course my life was irrevocably changed, as so many were.
    - Samantha Carney
  • I ran last year's Boston Marathon but was stopped on Hereford Street. This year I will finish and will be motivated by running in memory of Sean.
    - John Cunniffe
  • I am inspired every day by the MIT community, and I hope to use my passion for running to help further support that community and all those that have served, and continue to serve it.
    - Jim DiCarlo
  • I am determined to press forward with the Boston Marathon, and uphold the spirit and sacrifice of Sean Collier through the Memorial Fund.
    - Jenn Gagner
  • I am running to show the world — and my sons — that tragedies are things you recover from, and that when you stand together as a team you are strong.
    - Chad Galts
  • I'm proud to join a team of runners drawn from every corner of our community, to honor the memory of Officer Collier, and to share the strength of MIT with Boston and the world.
    - Tom Gearty
  • I was near the finish line with my mother, watching the runners go by, waiting for Dad, when the unthinkable happened last year. Thankfully, my family and I were unhurt.
    - Mike Gerhardt
  • Last year I was standing close to the finish line waiting for a relative who was running. He crossed the finish line 10 minutes before the explosions. 
    - Domingo Godoy Uson
  •  I will run the Boston Marathon representing the MIT Police Department and in honor of our fallen brother, Sean Collier.
    - Bill King
  • On April 15, 2013, I was cheering in the stands at the finish line across from the first explosion. 
    - Stephanie Kloos
  • After years of cheering runners on from the sidelines in Natick and Ashland, I am honored to be running in it as part of the MIT Strong Team in the 2014 Boston Marathon.
    - Sarah Lewis
  • As the Dean-on-Call the evening of Officer Collier's murder, I was involved in the initial campus response to his death. Running in 2014 honors him and shows how strong MIT, and the people of Boston, truly are.
    - Adam McCready
  • I was on campus the night of April 20th and helped shelter 75-100 students inside the Z Center the evening Officer Collier lost his life.  
    - Tim Mertz
  • Sean was a truly friendly, funny, and caring person, and I feel extremely lucky to have known him.
    - Sally Miller
  • What motivates me to arise at 4:30am to train in this dark and bitterly cold New England winter?  In a word: passion.
    - Brian Mulcahey
  • I met Sean Collier last year through the MIT Outing Club while studying in MIT. I am honored to be part of a team running and fundraising in his memory. 
    - Madeleine Pascolini-Campbell
  • Running this marathon means representing the family who lost a son, a campus who lost its guardian, and a community that lost its way last April. 
    - Julie Pryor
  • After last year's marathon and the events that followed I can't think of a better cause and purpose to bring to the 2014 Boston Marathon.
    - Jeremy Rishel
  • I was directly affected by all three events last year and I look forward to crossing the finish line to show that we are Boston Strong, MIT Strong, Collier Strong, and Watertown Strong. 
    - Jess Rooney Gallagher
  • Last year, our family was thrilled to be able to watch the Marathon in person from mile 21 and we drove home passing near the finish line moments before the tragic events began to unfold.
    - Jonathan Runstadler
  • I am honored by the opportunity to run in support of Office Collier and team MIT Strong to show yet again the strength of our community.
    - Sam Shames
  • I am running the 2014 Boston Marathon to express my support for the Institute, to celebrate Ann and Eric Whalleys’ recovery, and to honor the lives that were cut short during last year’s marathon and its aftermath.
    - Gordon Wintrob

Honoring the Legacy of MIT Police Officer Sean Collier, representing MIT at the 2014 Boston Marathon

On April 21, more than 35,000 runners will line up in Hopkinton, Mass., to run the 2014 Boston Marathon. The event will mark the one year anniversary of last year's tragic bombings and the senseless murder of MIT Police Officer Sean Collier. Among the field will be the more than three dozen runners of MIT Strong.

Through both his life and his death, Officer Collier was a source of strength for the MIT community. The MIT Strong team—representing students, faculty, staff, and alumni—will join thousands of other runners at the starting line this spring to commemorate his life and legacy and to represent the Institute on the marathon course. Along the way, we will generate support for the Collier Fund at MIT so that Officer Collier's impact on our campus will live on into the future.

We run for Officer Collier. And we run to celebrate the compassion, courage, and generosity shown by the MIT community in response to violence and tragedy. We are MIT Strong.

Seeking qualified runners and volunteers

Runners who already have a bib number for the 2014 Boston Marathon are still welcome to join the team.

We welcome volunteers to help with, training, fundraising, and Race Day. Please sign up to lend your strength to the MIT Strong team here.

The application process for runners seeking a marathon entry from the MIT Strong team has closed. 

MIT Strong extends its sincere appreciation to the Boston Athletic Association for the opportunity to field an MIT team at the 2014 Boston Marathon.


  • To honor the life, sacrifice, and legacy of Officer Collier
  • To celebrate the spirit and strength of the MIT community in the aftermath of the tragedies
  • To offer a visible MIT presence at the 2014 Boston Marathon as the Institute community, the city, and the nation grapples with the memory and meaning of the anniversary
  • To support the Collier Fund at MIT