Nader Tehrani

Nader Tehrani is a Professor and Head of the Department of Architecture at MIT. He is also principal of NADAAA, an architectural firm operating out of both Boston and New York City. Relatively new to MIT, he is a dedicated part of the MIT community, and runs along Memorial drive most mornings.

On the night of the April 18, 2013, Nader was hosting a lecture by John Wardle, notable Australian architect, at the MIT School of Architecture; after the lecture, several of the faculty joined the lecturer in a nearby restaurant to honor his visit. It was during this dinner when they received the MIT text message on the tragedy that was unfolding that evening-- followed by a myriad of police cars, sirens and a lock down of the campus. The plan to honor Officer Collier began that evening.

While a dedicated runner, Nader has run one marathon to date, and only with limited success. He is hoping to contribute to this event to honor Sean A Collier, as well as all those impacted by this tragedy and to advance the mission of the MIT community towards his cause.

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$500.00 Mr John Wardle
$50.00 Ms Jill P. Porter
$50.00 Amin Tadjsoleiman
$100.00 Mr Arthur Chang
$100.00 Mr Julian Palacio
$50.00 Neeraj  Bhatia
$25.00 Mrs Elisa Asanza
$25.00 Mr Jeff Asanza
$200.00 Mr Daniel Gallagher
$50.00 Mr Richard Lee
$100.00 Ms Rania Ghosn
$50.00 Wai Kai  Lok
$2,620.00 Professor Nader Tehrani
$50.00 Sasa  Zivkovic
$100.00 Mr Shifteh Veyssi
$100.00 Christopher Michael Ketcham
$150.00 Architecture Research Office
$150.00 Mr Richard Sommer
$100.00 Margaret Cain
$50.00 Ms Danielle Etzler
$50.00 Ms Irene S. Hwang
$150.00 Prof Caroline A. Jones
$200.00 Dean Adèle N. Santos
$25.00 Enas A Alkhudairy
$50.00 Ms Renee A Caso
$20.00 Onur Yuce Gun
$150.00 Mrs Cristina Parreno Alonso
$20.00 Xing  Huang
$30.00 Felecia A Davis
$50.00 Ms Alyssa Frankel
$50.00 Mr Jerome Kelly
$50.00 Ana Maria  Leon
$50.00 Ms Donna Miranowski
$100.00 Jeffrey Robert Trevino
$10.00 Ms Tammy Ackerman
$100.00 Mr Sergio Verrillo
$100.00 Ms Lorena Bello
$100.00 Ms Johanna Lobdell
$100.00 Professor Yung Ho Chang
$100.00 Dr Diane McLaughlin
$100.00 Dr Fares el-Dahdah
$100.00 Mr Daniel Gallagher
$50.00 Professor Lauren Jacobi
$50.00 Ms Judith Daniels
$200.00 Ms Meejin Yoon
$50.00 Thayer  Donham
$200.00 Safdie Architects
$500.00 Mrs. Dalia Fateh
$500.00 Mr. Hossein Fateh
$20.00 Slobodan  Radoman
$100.00 Rebecca L. Chamberlain
$200.00 Mr Michael Kobina Owu
$100.00 Skylar  Tibbits
$100.00 Mrs Anne Simunovic
$50.00 Mr David Hacin
$50.00 Mr Mark Pasnik
$150.00 Professor Anton Garcia-Abril Ruiz
$150.00 Ms Debora Mesa
$100.00 Prof Andrew M. Scott
$100.00 Mr Paul Lordon
$50.00 Mr Jack Pyburn
$50.00 Ms Cynthia Stewart
$50.00 Professor Leslie K Norford
$500.00 Mr Robert E. Davoli
$100.00 Prof Stanford Anderson
$150.00 Dr Mark M Jarzombek
$100.00 Professor Joel D. Lamere
$100.00 Mrs Nomeda Urboniene
$100.00 Professor Gediminas Urbonas
$50.00 Dr Pierre R Belanger
$50.00 Professor Miho Mazereeuw
$200.00 Professor William G. O'Brien
$300.00 Mr Elmar Seibel
$100.00 Mrs Ana Sortun
$100.00 Mr Donald T Goldberg

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