Stephen Shum

I signed up to run my first marathon during the last year of my undergraduate studies in California.  It was supposed to be no more than a last hurrah of sorts with a few close friends; I never imagined running would mean as much to me as it does today.  Once I began my graduate work here at MIT in 2009, the draw of Boston's running culture became impossible to escape.  Hooked, my friends and I began running marathons all over the country -- New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. -- but ultimately, the race that was always on the back of our minds was the one in the city I now call home: the Boston Marathon.

This April, I finally get to line up in Hopkinton, and I am extremely privileged to be doing so as a part of the MIT Strong team.  In my experience, the act of running brings people together, whether it be friends arriving at a race from all over the world or simply being a part of someone's first attempt at a new distance.  This year's Marathon, however, really brings additional meaning to the notion of community.  The MIT community is absolutely incredible and has made so many things possible for me through the years; not only does everyone have so much to offer, they are all so willing to give.   I've met, worked with, and befriended amazing people and have had my life enriched by more love, knowledge, and laughter can possibly be fathomed. I am grateful, honored, and humbled to be running in support of the Institute and the memory of Officer Sean Collier.

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