Sam Shames

I grew up in Newton, Massachusetts watching the Boston Marathon every year from the start of heartbreak hill. These past two years, I have run the Boston Marathon with friends from the wrestling team.

With five people last year, we ran in two groups, with my two teammates and I together and my friend and his girlfriend behind us. The three of us finished in 3:32:37 and were back at my friend’s apartment when we first heard about the bombings. Unable to get in contact with our two friends still running, we were forced to sit and wait, praying that they were uninjured. We when we finally heard from them, they told us how they were on Boylston Street a few hundred feet from the finish line when the first bomb when off, and that they likely would have been closer if my friend hadn’t stopped briefly at the 25th mile. While we were relieved they were okay, and the fear we experienced was inconsequential compared to those who lost lives and limbs, the experience left a lasting impression that I wrote about in The Tech.

Days later when Officer Collier was killed, I experienced the same fear and uncertainty all over again. I only met Office Collier once, but was struck by his warmth and kindness. In the days and weeks that followed his death, I was inspired by the way our community rallied together in support of all of those affected by this terrible tragedy. Now I am honored by the opportunity to run in memory of Office Collier as a part of team MIT Strong to show yet again the strength of our community.

Thank you for supporting our fundraising efforts and helping us make this marathon special.

About Me

I am a senior studying materials science and engineering with a minor in energy studies. I am the captain of the wrestling team and a 2013 NCWA National Champion. I have worked as a UROP in the Grossman Group, a teaching assistant for 3.012, and as a tour guide for the information center. I also write for the opinion section of The Tech. In addition to running the past two Boston Marathons, I ran on an six-person ultra team in the 198 mile Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay series in Utah this summer.

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