Jess Rooney Gallagher

Hi! My name is Jess Rooney Gallagher and I have been a part of the MIT family for over 7 years. I work in DAPER as an Athletic Trainer.  I am beyond excited to be a member of the MIT Strong Marathon Team and ecstatic to be running the Boston Marathon this year for an incredible cause, The Officer Sean Collier Memorial Fund. I was directly affected by all three events last year and I look forward to crossing the finish line to show that we are Boston Strong, MIT Strong, Collier Strong, and Watertown Strong. This will be my 4th marathon overall and my second Boston (2011). I have competed in Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, Triathlons, and over 20 half marathons across the country. I am also a November Project tribe member. I would like to Thank You in advance for donating to the Collier Fund and helping me run the 118th Boston Marathon.  I hope to see you out on the course cheering for me on Marathon Monday!

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$26.20 Mr Brian Denning
$15.00 Ms Raissa Boros
$25.00 Thomas W Hay
$20.00 Ms Robin Thomas
$25.00 Mr Nesli Orhon
$100.00 Mr Thomas Cronan
$50.00 Mrs Cindy Miller
$50.00 Mr Jim Miller
$25.00 Ms Anne Mondesir
$25.00 Ms Lisa Murray
$10.00 Ms Natalie Warren-Dyment
$25.00 Ms Catherine Ellis
$25.00 Mr Scott Kidder
$25.00 Prof Carol Matsuzaki
$20.00 Ms Kelsey Steube
$25.00 Ms Stephanie Dorsay
$25.00 Catherine  Melnikow
$250.00 Mr Doug Rooney
$25.00 Ms Amy Beth Weldon
$10.00 Mr Peter Arsenault
$25.00 Ms Mandy Nicoles
$20.00 Ms Krystin Ojala
$25.00 Mrs Erin Talbett
$25.00 Mr Vincent Yancey
$25.00 Ms Tricia Delonais
$25.00 Emma S Gargus
$25.00 Sonya  Makhni
$50.00 Mr Eric Scheufele
$25.00 Ms Bridget Cohen
$50.00 Ms Cathleen A. Dwyer
$50.00 Mrs Aimee Krenicki
$100.00 Mr Shawn M. Ferullo
$50.00 Ms Mindy Brauer
$25.00 Ms Susan Berman
$50.00 Mrs Sharon Brown
$25.00 Ms Lindsay Adams
$250.00 Ms Sarah Friedman
$100.00 Mrs Elise Mayers
$25.00 Mrs Susan McGuigan
$50.00 Mrs Jessica Chen
$50.00 Dylan F Roden
$20.00 Ms Juana Hernandez
$25.00 Mrs Erica Lindsay
$26.20 Mr Aaron Blum
$25.00 Ms Ruth Fishbein
$25.00 Ms Sarah Piacente
$10.00 Prof Halston W Taylor
$10.00 Dr Katherine Dabulis Taylor
$50.00 Ms Erin McGuigan
$175.00 Ms Theodora Nessas
$50.00 Ms Donna Sullivan
$26.20 Ms Jessica Lanzoni
$100.00 Jacob T Shapiro
$150.00 Ms Jane Farrington
$25.00 Ms Heidi Kalinowski
$50.00 Ms Kathleen Plunkett
$50.00 Leslie A Hansen
$50.00 Daniel G Piemont
$50.00 Garth S Grove
$50.00 Natasha H Jensen
$25.00 Mrs Doris S. Levene
$25.00 Mr Robert S Levene
$25.00 Karina N Pikhart
$50.00 Ms Kerry Galvin
$25.00 Sharon S Hao
$50.00 Ms Stephanie Davis
$200.00 Ms Cynthia Martin
$100.00 Mr Joseph Piacente Jr.
$100.00 Ms Carrie L. Sampson-Moore
$50.00 Michael P Fitzgerald
$25.00 Patrick S Sissman
$250.00 Ms Ann Stefanelli
$25.00 Mr Adrian Wright-Fitzgerald
$25.00 Ms Maureen Dobrowsky
$25.00 Ms Jane McDonald
$25.00 Sally W Simpson
$10.00 Ms Megan Smalley
$12.50 Mr David E. Allen
$12.50 Mrs Kathleen E. Allen
$25.00 Ms Katie Carpenter
$25.00 Ms Jenna Cherenzia
$25.00 Ms Jessica Hurley
$50.00 Ms Andrea Kushman
$25.00 Mrs Lindsay Riel
$25.00 Ms Bridget Salvador
$25.00 Ms Erica Scoppettuolo
$25.00 Prof Cheryl F Silva
$50.00 Kaitlin N Allen
$25.00 Ms Bethany Larossa
$50.00 Ms Kathleen Walsh
$37.50 Mrs Deborah A. Ilibassi
$37.50 Mr John Kucharczyk
$25.00 Jennifer  Li
$250.00 Mr Stephen Marcus
$25.00 James M Bartolotta
$100.00 Michael W Bickers
$10.00 Anna D Dikina
$50.00 Ms Sally Levene
$50.00 Mr Richard J. Prevost, Jr
$50.00 Nicholas D Sisler
$25.00 Mr Ben Wakely
$25.00 Mrs Meaghan Wakely
$50.00 Meghan S Wright
$25.00 Alice S Yeh
$50.00 Alex W Andrzejewski
$25.00 Javier M Duarte
$100.00 Mrs Mary Gallagher
$20.00 Ms Jessica Smyser
$50.00 Eric S Zuk
$50.00 Ms Dot Kelly
$20.00 Dennis R Levene
$20.00 Alyssa L Rothman
$50.00 Mark A Spadafora
$25.00 Ms Cristina Kossak
$75.00 Ms Bethany Storck
$50.00 Mr William B. Cyr, Jr
$20.00 Benjamin D Hessels
$50.00 Russell L Johnson
$100.00 Ms Lindsey J. Fiske
$10.00 Tatiana  Berger
$25.00 Mr Frank Bye
$25.00 Mrs Susan Bye
$50.00 Ms Tamara Fattaleh
$25.00 Ms Michelle McLeod
$20.00 Jacob M Shearman
$50.00 Mr Rob Dibernardo
$25.00 Mrs Kathleen Eiduk
$20.00 Faith C OBrian
$50.00 Ms Courtney Spears
$100.00 Ms Christine Bishop
$25.00 Kristine A Bunker
$50.00 Mr J. Michael Flaherty
$25.00 Ms Ellen Meigs
$50.00 Ms Kelly Miller
$50.00 Ms Kerry Sullivan