Jeremy Rishel

I'm honored to join the MIT Strong team and raise money for the Collier Memorial Fund. After last year's marathon and the events that followed I can't think of a better cause and purpose to bring to the 2014 Boston Marathon. Like many people my family and I were enjoying the marathon festivities in the Back Bay last year when everything changed. The Saturday morning after all that had happened I had the urge to put on my 2007 Boston Marathon gear and run over to MIT. It was an amazing an emotional scene as a makeshift memorial had sprung up near Vassar St. and many people were coming by to pay their respects to Sean Collier. I never had the pleasure of meeting Sean but it's clear from all who knew him that he evoked the best of the MIT community.

A little background on me. In 1994 I was living on Beacon St. in the Back Bay, counting Smoots on the way to class, getting ready to graduate from MIT. In 2014 I find myself once again living on Beacon St., counting Smoots on the way to class, and getting ready to graduate from MIT! I'm pretty sure some other things happened along the way. I graduated in '94 with S.B.s in Computer Science and Philosophy, which made commencement entertaining being in both the largest and smallest departments at the Institute. I spent the next 7 years on active duty as an officer in the US Marines. After leaving active duty I returned to Boston and started working in the software industry, and through a series of interesting projects ended up joining a young MIT startup called Bluefin Labs in 2010. Bluefin Labs was acquired by Twitter in 2013, where I am now, leading an engineering team and serving as Twitter site lead for Boston as we continue to grow. (You can find me on Twitter as @jdrishel.) In 2012 I also started back as a MIT student in the Executive MBA program at Sloan, graduating this year.

I love endurance sports and have done a number of long distance running, cycling, and triathlon events, all comfortably from the back of the pack. It's always rewarding to finish a race and surely Boston 2014 will be unforgettable.

Thank you very much for supporting the Collier Memorial Fund

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$25.00 Mrs Elaine Cahill
$25.00 Mr Jack Cahill
$25.00 Mrs Adrienne McCosh
$500.00 Mr James Cafferty
$35.00 Ms Megan Cahill
$25.00 Mr Jonathan Lehrich
$25.00 Ms Susan O'Malley
$100.00 Catherine Jean Thut
$50.00 Kevin James Statz
$100.00 Ms Catherine M. Connelly
$25.00 Ms Johanna Hising
$25.00 Ms Johanna Hising
$25.00 Mrs Dianne Moore
$25.00 David Michael Wierzbicki
$100.00 Mr Daniel Bennett
$300.00 Mr Andy Carroll
$100.00 Derrick C Chan
$50.00 Mrs Erica Rishel
$50.00 Mr Jeremy D Rishel
$50.00 Brian R Harrison
$25.00 Ms Katy Radoll
$100.00 Marie Lynn Lotto
$100.00 Christina S Kite
$100.00 Jean Paul  Lauture
$25.00 Jose Luis  Lopez Reynoso
$100.00 Alfred  Nader
$50.00 Mr Derek P Rucker
$50.00 Mrs Diane F Rucker
$50.00 Diana Elizabeth Brennan
$100.00 Allison Lynn Peabody
$100.00 Richard Cushing Pietrafesa
$50.00 Joseph  Selsavage
$100.00 Rora  Tanaka
$550.00 Mr Jeremy D Rishel

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