Madeleine Pascolini-Campbell

Why I am running:

I met Sean Collier last year through the MIT Outing Club while studying in MIT through the Advanced Study Program. We became quick friends, sharing many of our weekends to explore Boston, the nearby White Mountains and even Newfoundland, Canada, together with friends from the club. We also started training together for the Gloucester half-marathon in the spring. After the Boston bombings, it was Sean's idea to start a fundraiser for this half-marathon in honor of the victims. This was just one example of Sean's naturally caring and generous personality. I am honored to be part of a team running and fundraising in memory of Sean Collier. 

About me:

I am a graduate student studying earth and environmental sciences in New York City. I love all things active and spend my free time doing sports both in and outside the city. Boston will be my second marathon, and I will be training by running, cycling and swimming throughout the week, and going for longer runs on weekends. Running has always been a passion of mine, and I look forward to now run for this cause. Thank you for visiting my personal page.

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Fundraising Goal: 


Current Fundraising Amount: 



$20.00 Ms Emilie Chambeyron
$20.00 Ms Emilie Chambeyron
$25.00 Ms Janet Anderson
$25.00 Ms Elizabeth Cartland
$100.00 Ms Lucy Cartland
$75.00 Mr Rupert Smit
$25.00 Mr Irwin Hosea
$1,000.00 MIT Professional Education--Advanced Study Program
$25.00 Ms Franziska Landes
$40.00 Ms Marie Yurkovich
$50.00 Ms Nandini Ramesh
$50.00 Dr Richard Seager
$25.00 Ms Stephanie Davin
$10.00 Ms Laura Carter
$20.00 Mr Alexander Gromadzki
$5.00 Mr William Jacobson
$20.00 Ms Elizabeth Shoenfelt
$30.00 Mr Stephen Yang
$179.00 Mr Vladimir L. Kiriansky
$150.00 Mr Habib Millwala
$250.00 Mr Endres Campbell
$50.00 Dr Kristina Chacko
$100.00 Mrs Donatella Pascolini
$75.00 Mr Stephen Bailey
$25.00 Mr Giacomo Pascolini
$20.00 Mr Neil Winn
$15.00 Ms Olivia Clifton
$40.00 Ms Lauren Stroger
$150.00 Mr Chad Bowlin
$25.00 Mr Ayso Van Eysinga
$50.00 Mr Brett Avery
$2,000.00 Dr. Spiro and Dorothy Latsis and Family
$20.00 Ms Caroline Leland
$400.00 Mr Sean Christman
$35.00 Ms Jessica Spar
$50.00 Ms Shaan Bhatia
$20.00 Mr Tom French
$100.00 Mr Andrew Mayne
$75.00 Ms Angel Munoz
$100.00 Ms Kayleigh Aumann
$100.00 Dr Julian Slowinski
$40.00 Ms Neha Shrestha
$100.00 Ms Tamara Sanz
$100.00 Mr Duncan Campbell


Wonderful Idea

I think it is great that you and other members of the MIT family are doing this for Officer Collier.  Thank you for your thought, energy, and sense of community.

You will represent our sentiments at the Boston Marathon!

We at MIT Professional Education will be rooting for you when you run in the memory of Officer Collier next Monday: Patriot's Day! You were  part of us as a member of the Advanced Study Program, and you came to know Officer Collier as a friend,fellow climber and runner - as none of us did. So, through your inspired run, we will be remembering Officer Collier for his service to the MIT community and his ultimate sacrifice. Good luck - with you we are MIT and Boston Strong! 

Best wishes

We will be thinking of you all day tomorrow Madeleine. Wish I were there at Wellesley handing out oranges and water and cheering you on...bravo!