Dava Newman

Dava Newman is a Professor in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Engineering Systems at MIT and affiliate faculty in the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Program. She is a MacVicar Faculty Fellow; Director of the Technology and Policy Program at MIT; and Director of the MIT–Portugal Program. She and Guillermo Trotti serve as faculty housemasters at Baker House, and she’s supervised >125 UROPs and >80 graduate student theses. She investigates human performance across the spectrum of gravity. She works with incredible MIT students to fly experiments in space, measure and model astronaut performance, and design suits: the BioSuit™ for Mars, a Skinsuit to counter musculoskeletal loss in space, and soft exoskeleton suit concepts for enhanced locomotion here on Earth.

Why I’m Running:

For MIT pride and community – to celebrate life and to say ‘YES’ to all that 2014 and the future offer! 
The week of April 15, 2013 was the worst week of my life as a faculty member at MIT over the past 20 years, and it was the saddest week I have shared with MIT students and our community. Thinking about it and writing about it still brings tears to my eyes, but in our community mourning also comes healing, hope and new perspective. 
As a member of the MIT Strong Boston Marathon Team I am honored to raise money in memory of MIT Police Officer Sean Collier. As faculty housemasters at Baker House, Gui and I were fortunate to know Sean. He always had a smile on his face, joyfully related to the students, inquired about their interests, and kept all of us in the MIT community safe.
As a former college athlete, I played basketball, loved to ski, and ran Boston as a ‘bandit’ during graduate school, but that was many, many moons ago. I’m more of a sailor and 5K runner currently, but will be a proud marathoner by April 21st. I’m inspired and motivated as a representative of our MIT community. I embrace the future and hope to complete the marathon on behalf of MIT Strong in memory of Sean Collier. We greatly appreciate your support.
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Fundraising Goal: 


Current Fundraising Amount: 



$100.00 Prof M Roe Smith
$50.00 Mr Andree Cannon-Fleming
$100.00 Ms Michelle K Nyein
$100.00 Dr Audrey Trotti
$200.00 Dr Frank R Field III
$20.00 Raquel Christine Galvan
$25.00 Ms Jennifer Koll
$100.00 Professor Noelle E. Selin
$30.00 Ms Aurelie Jean
$26.20 Mr Aaron Rood
$20.00 Bruce J Webster
$100.00 Ms Kathryn M. Hess
$50.00 Mrs Janet Moore
$50.00 Mr Steve Moore
$100.00 Dr Dava J Newman
$100.00 Mr Guillermo Trotti
$50.00 Mr Anthony L. Zolnik
$100.00 Ms Marilyn Fleming
$100.00 Mr Stephen R Connors
$250.00 Dr D Yi-Shin Kuo
$50.00 Ms Anne Maynard
$20.00 Ms Phyllis A. Collymore
$100.00 Prof Bruce Tidor
$25.00 Ms Kathleen Walsh
$100.00 Diana S Young
$25.00 Professor Kerri Cahoy
$100.00 Ms Barbara Cozza
$100.00 Ms Maria C Kozloski
$75.00 Ms Daphne Baille
$100.00 Dr Cynthia Barnhart
$50.00 Ms Marie L Blanke
$100.00 Professor Jaime Peraire
$50.00 Ms Mia Imparato
$100.00 Mr Gerald D Cohen
$50.00 Mr John Swanson
$50.00 Mrs Michelle Swanson
$50.00 Dr Daniel B Grunberg
$25.00 Hannah  Seong
$25.00 Hannah  Seong
$25.00 Christopher A Cassa
$500.00 Mr Scott D Centurino
$25.00 Stephanie C Chan
$50.00 Ms Shiang Y Duffy
$50.00 Joseph S Gionta
$50.00 Mr Aaron P Loutsch
$50.00 Mrs Andria Rosalinda Loutsch
$50.00 MAJ Mary T. Centner
$200.00 Mr Sayan Chakraborty
$100.00 Ms Denise R Gonzales
$20.00 Joy Marie Johnson
$25.00 Mrs N Ann Kuo
$25.00 Mr C Timothy Kuo
$15.00 Jennifer I Lai
$100.00 Mark L Mitchell
$100.00 Mr Frank A. Tapparo
$25.00 Mr Jim Wheeler
$25.00 Mrs Liane Wheeler
$50.00 Junjay  Tan
$10.00 Alexander Manuel Gamero Garrido
$40.00 Nikhil Abhay Vadhavkar
$36.00 Mrs Erika B Wagner
$100.00 Mr Gordie L. White II
$50.00 Ms Kelli Dunn
$50.00 Prof Suzanne Flynn
$50.00 Ms Joyce Light
$300.00 Mr David G. Montague
$50.00 Sebastian Michael Pfotenhauer
$50.00 Zhe Liang Sim
$50.00 Mrs Karen Simons
$50.00 Mr Michael Simons
$50.00 Ms Mary Bouxsein
$25.00 Ms Nina J Davis-Millis
$50.00 Ana  Diaz Artiles
$50.00 Daniel  Selva Valero
$100.00 Corinna E Lathan, PhD
$100.00 Professor John A Ochsendorf
$40.00 Dr Jaime A. Mateus
$100.00 Mr Craig Swanson
$40.00 Dr Michal Kracik
$100.00 Ms Jennifer Kratochwill
$100.00 Dr Andrew Liu
$75.00 Allison Paige Anderson
$50.00 Dr Darlene Lim
$25.00 Abdulaziz M Albahar
$25.00 Annamaria E Ayuso
$50.00 Ms Flavia Cardarelli
$20.00 Rachel  Ellman
$50.00 Dr Robert J Hansman Jr
$25.00 Bradley T Holschuh
$25.00 Mrs Monica S. Isakowitz
$25.00 Mr Steven J Isakowitz
$100.00 Mr Braden J McGrath
$500.00 Ms Stephanie Rivera
$200.00 Dr Joseph H Saleh
$50.00 Ms Laura Wernick
$10.00 Ms Kimberly Benard


Go get 'em!

I'll be waiting for you (outside the ropes!!!) at mile marker 17 1/2 (ish) where you make the turn from Rte. 16 to Rte. 30.  Go get 'em, Dava!


Dava, Glad you made your goal and more. Baker will never let you down. Frank Tapparo, Baker House President, 1959-60

We love you!

Our hearts and minds are with you. And we'll be thinking of you lots on Monday! Love, P&M



We are proud of you and are sending positive thoughts and energy your way!  Have a great race and remember you're "Montana tuff"!

Kelli & Marty

You Can Do It!!

You are in the middle of your run & I am sending extra energy for the last stretch!! Good Luck!! You are going to do great! 

Wow! Wow! Wow! Way to go!

Dava, so proud of you. Never doubted you could do it. But knowing that you did and reading your blow by blow description make it seem impossible that you did it! Way to go! We love you and we love how much you are loved and supported, by so many and especially by Gui. Can hardly wait to see you, and thanks for the photos with the story. Blessings! M&P