Brian Mulcahey

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My MIT connection:

I graduated from MIT in 1986 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.  I lived with a group of great guys at Phi Sigma Kappa, at mile 25 of the marathon route in Kenmore Square, where I served as President.  The marathon has been a huge part of Phi Sig culture for generations, and I ran Boston three times, as well as indoor and outdoor track, while at MIT.  My senior year, I researched my thesis for the hearing impaired in the Research Lab of Electronics on Vassar Street, overlooking where Sean was killed.  And I’ve proudly worn my class ring for most of the 10,000+ days since my graduation.

Why I’m running with MIT Strong:

Bill Rogers’ four Boston victories, plus his all-time record on my Connecticut high school cross-country course, sparked my 35+ year passion for running.  I was on Boylston Street with my teammates when Salazar out-kicked Beardsley in 1982, and I was hooked for life.  Decades later, I took my young kids to see the finish multiple times, hoping to similarly infect them. 

I ran my last marathon (my fourth Boston) in 1997, when my wife cheered me on mere feet from where the first bomb exploded 16 years later.  I’ve been a casual mostly weekend runner ever since, and never imagined I’d do another marathon. 

Then came April 2013, and I was haunted and inspired by the terrorist attacks that quickly unfolded.  Within hours of the bombings, I vowed to be at the 2014 marathon to show my support.  When Officer Collier was murdered, I knew I had to actually run the race.  Somehow.  I started training the next day, and I’m now running 150-180 miles a month.

I can’t rid my mind of now-censored, graphic race-day images that I saw last April.  Since then, I visited the Boylston Street and Stata Center memorials, donated to the One Fund, and ran my first half marathon in a really long time.  I’ll never forget the bystanders who lost their hearing, amputees who struggle to walk, and Sean and the three others who died tragically and senselessly. 

Why do I want to do this?  What motivates me to arise at 4:30am to train in this dark and bitterly cold New England winter?  In a word: passion.  Passion for my alma matter and the amazing spirit it embodies.  Passion for honoring Sean’s life and that of the other victims.  Passion for celebrating the progress that hundreds of victims have made since last April.  And passion for showing the world that freedom and compassion will always overcome tyranny and hatred.

I’ve run hundreds of races over the years, but this one will be special.  Really special.  The world will be watching, and it’s something we’ll all never forget.  I’m honored, proud and humbled to be part of this incredible MIT Strong team.                               


I grew up in Glastonbury, CT and lived in Washington, DC and Chicago post MIT, before settling in the Boston area.  With my wife Lydia (Wellesley ’85) and two kids, I now live in Sudbury, MA, where I’ve coached a lot of soccer:)  For the past 12 years, I’ve worked at Bose Corporation, where I am Director of New Business Product Marketing in the Home Entertainment Division.

Fundraising goal:

I’ve committed to raise $4,000 for the Collier Memorial Fund.  However, I intend to blow that goal away with your help.  Thank you for your donation… MIT and I really appreciate it.

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Fundraising Goal: 


Current Fundraising Amount: 



$100.00 Mr. Marc Jourlait
$50.00 Mr. Jeff Geoffroy
$5000.00 Bose Corporation
$25.00 Mr Robert Xavier
$100.00 Mr Philip G. Hess
$714.40 Mr Steve Darbin
$50.00 Ms Regina McPhillips
$50.00 Ms Ellen Smithline
$50.00 Ms Heather Tavolieri
$100.00 Ms Julianne Woo
$25.00 Mr Clark Woolstenhulme
$50.00 Mr Nelson Hsu
$50.00 Dr William M Rabinowitz
$50.00 Mr Joe Burchill
$50.00 Ms Lisa Hanson
$50.00 Ms Pamela Miller
$50.00 Mr Jonathan Freed
$697.00 Wellesley College Blue Notes benefit concert
$50.00 Ms Eileen J. Young
$50.00 Mr Gary Waters
$50.00 Mrs Katherine Waters
$50.00 Ms Vivian Hsu
$100.00 Mr Thomas Oksanen
$100.00 Mr Michael Donowitz
$25.00 Mr Alan Krensky
$25.00 Ms Maureen Krensky
$100.00 Ms Linda T Ystueta
$50.00 Mr Neil Blicher
$50.00 Ms Kristin Flanagan
$50.00 Dr Pelham Norville
$25.00 Mrs Diane Yung
$25.00 Mr James Yung
$20.00 Mr Serafin Menocal
$50.00 Ms Linda Abair
$25.00 Mr Jeffrey Brener
$50.00 Mr Gregg M Duthaler
$100.00 Ms Kamala Grasso
$50.00 Mr Peter Goodman
$25.00 Mr David Coughlin
$25.00 Mrs Brenda Capuzziello
$50.00 Mr Glenn Gomes-Casseres
$100.00 Ms Heather Hallenbeck
$50.00 Ms Lori Orr
$50.00 Mr Lino Pucci
$25.00 Mr Joe Auclair
$25.00 Mr John Sakalowsky
$100.00 Mr Neal M Lackritz
$50.00 Mr John Roselli
$100.00 Mr Stephen Romine
$100.00 Mr Brian Post
$100.00 Ms Bernice Cramer
$50.00 Mr Steve Karlovic
$100.00 Mr Doug Lankford
$12.50 Mr David Nickerson
$12.50 Ms Denell L. Nuese-Nickerson
$100.00 Mr Lee Zamir
$100.00 Mr Michael Donley
$50.00 Ms Caroline McKeon
$100.00 Mr Steven L. Kurland
$50.00 Mrs Michelle Titus
$30.00 Mr Wayne Wong
$25.00 Mrs Robin Marshall
$26.20 Mr Ronald S Phelan
$100.00 Mrs Katey Detraglia
$25.00 Ms Mary C Ystueta
$250.00 Ms Susan Kirshner
$25.00 Ms Kathleen A. Dwyer
$100.00 Mr Matthew Halperin
$25.00 Ms Carolyn Ragusa
$50.00 Ms Kathy Kinzfogl
$50.00 Mr Karl Buttner
$100.00 Mr Brian W. Haynes
$50.00 Dr Renata A Pomponi
$25.00 Ms Anna Lambert
$5,000.00 Mr William J Conley
$100.00 Mr Itsuko Herrema
$52.40 Mr Andrew Layden
$100.00 Ms Susan Plassmeyer
$100.00 Ms Robin Cullen
$100.00 Mr David Paletta
$50.00 Mr Clarke Esler
$75.00 Mr Jeff Connolly
$100.00 Ms Christianne Murray
$50.00 Ms Lisa Armour
$25.00 Mrs Marcia A. Mulcahey
$25.00 Mr Robert L. Mulcahey
$50.00 Ms Gretchen Grad
$100.00 Mr Stephen E Layden
$250.00 Mr Richard Mattione
$50.00 Mr Tim Saeger
$100.00 Mr Jason Saghir
$25.00 Mr John H Sheffield
$50.00 Mr Graham Brooks
$100.00 Mr Kurt Hudson
$1,000.00 Mr Robert L Maresca
$5.00 Mr Jorge Ortiz
$30.00 Mr Von Rhea
$50.00 Mr Lawrence Yu
$200.00 Mr Wayne Beal
$50.00 Mr Ed Berger
$25.00 Mrs Debbie Howell
$25.00 Mr Geoff Howell
$250.00 Mr Francis S Huntowski
$50.00 Dr Kenneth B Lazarus
$125.00 Mr Ralph Pinto
$125.00 Mrs Susan Pinto
$50.00 Mr Barry Ruditsky
$150.00 Mr John Simon
$150.00 Mr Matthew Sylvestre
$12.50 Ms Jill T Tsakiris
$12.50 Mr Todd N Tsakiris
$250.00 Mr Stephen P Wong
$25.00 Mr James Cavanaugh
$50.00 Mr G Sean Garrett
$50.00 Mr Gary Hornung
$50.00 Mr Ray Liberatore
$25.00 Ms Michelle Lombardi
$25.00 Mr Daniel Maier
$100.00 Mr Daniel R McMahill
$100.00 Ms Shelley Miller
$50.00 Mr Joseph K Mulcahey
$100.00 Ms Susan Mulcahy
$50.00 Ms Catherine M Rocchio
$25.00 Mrs Jessica H Sadlier
$25.00 Mr John M E Sadlier
$100.00 Mr Paul M Sherer
$100.00 Mr Matthew Williams
$50.00 Mr Kevin Connolly
$50.00 Mr Mark Oppenheim
$50.00 Mr Sean Mulcahey
$50.00 Dr Eric D Scheirer
$50.00 J Patrick Kinney
$100.00 Mr Carl Tung


Damn Proud, Brian.

My in-laws' neighbor lost a leg in the bombing. I'm sure you will have a great run!

Pat (Phi Sig and former Sudbury neighbor)

Go Bri Go!

I was part of your first training run :). Looking forward to supporting you from afar!

way to go

Really glad to hear you are able to be part of the team Brian.  Best luck. 





Good luck Brian!

Good luck with the training, the fundraising and the Marathon!  As this donation is to an educational institution, my employer will match it too.


A great cause

Brian and Gordon - kudos to you for taking on this initiative. Brian, I'll always be indebted to you for talking me into running the marathon as a freshman and helping me train. I'll never forget the surge of adrenaline I felt running into Kenmore Square that day thirty years ago this April.

Please share with us your experiences and photos from race day.


Silly Question

As your pretend cousin AND a Watertown girl, you know you can count on me! Very proud to be involved with it. And very proud of you! xoxo

Go Brian

Your friends from Elizabeth Road are behind you - Matt, Jane, Adam & Sara


So impressed that you're doing this, and what a wonderful cause & tribute. 

Hope the weather warms soon for your training :-)


Go Brian

Great cause....can't even fathom running a full marathon.  Happy to support!


Ed and Marcy (and Andrew, and Sasha, and oh yes.....and Molly!)

Brian - I'm humbled by your

Brian - I'm humbled by your passion and dedication.  Good luck with training - I've seen you running on Goodman's Hill Road in the freezing cold.  I'll look for you at the finish line!

~Chrissy Murray

Go Brian Go

Hey Brian - So glad you are able to do this. I know there was a time when you thought you might not run again.   Happy to support your team's efforts.  Will be sending you and your team good thoughts on Marathon Monday.  Cheers!

MIT Strong


As a Bose Corporation alumni (having worked there for 20 years) and now as an MIT staff member, I just wanted to wish you the every best of luck running the Boston Marathon.

I suport the MIT Strong Team and will be cheering all of the team members running in memory of Officer Collier!

Best of luck!