Tim Mertz

Representing MIT and running on behalf of the Collier Memorial Fund is not only an honor, but a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I am grateful to have been selected and humbled by the challenge.  As a General Manager for HealthFitness and as the Director of Recreational Sports for the Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation at MIT, I am surrounded by active, energetic and motivated people who model characteristics like hard work, passion and dedication. Being a part of this team is an extension of a community I am already so proud to be affiliated with.

Running this year's Boston Marathon is meaningful to me for two specific reasons.  First, I was on campus the night of April 20th and helped shelter 75-100 students inside the Zesiger Sports & Fitness Center the evening Officer Collier lost his life.  That night and the early morning hours of April 21st were some of the most impactful hours of my life and certainly helped strengthen my bond with the MIT community.  While sheltered in the facility during the campus lock-down, I will never forget how the flow of information from approximately 11pm - 3:00am came to us from cell phones, internet and police scanner aps.  None of us knew exactly what was occurring outside the walls of the Z-Center, but by 3am as we all returned to our homes and watched the news, it became apparent that the night would become tragically historic.  Second, my twin brother and my cousin are both Police Officers.  I respect and value their commitment and who, just as Officer Collier did, selflessly perform acts of kindness in support of the communities they are charged with protecting.  It is for these two reasons that I will pour my whole heart and energy into my training for this year's marathon.  

I have had the good fortune to be part of many adventures during my life.  As a former outdoor educator I spent years traveling, exploring and conquering adventurous goals.  However, this will be my first marathon and while I have been running for quite some time, I have never registered for a competitive race.  Pinning on that bib and running as part of the MIT Strong team will undoubtedly be one of my greatest adventures yet.  

Please help me in raising the required $4,000 for the Collier Memorial Fund.  Your contribution will help me reach a goal, but more importantly, provides an opportunity for you to connect with MIT in support of the Collier Memorial Fund during what may be the most important Boston Marathon ever.  

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Fundraising Goal: 


Current Fundraising Amount: 



$333.00 MIT DAPER
$100.00 Mr Nick Kanara
$25.00 Mr Jason Erbse
$30.00 Mrs Christine Belcastro
$50.00 Ms Mindy Brauer
$50.00 Ms Regina Dugan
$50.00 Mr Benjamin Mcelhiney
$400.00 Anonymous
$400.00 Anonymous
$50.00 Ms Kathleen Ante
$50.00 Ms Julie Soriero
$50.00 Ms Jennifer Giesking
$100.00 Mr Robert F. Frank
$1,000.00 Mr David Hurt
$200.00 Ms Michelle Johnson
$50.00 Mr Tom Mertz
$50.00 Mr Chuck Lockyer
$40.00 Mr Todd Mertz
$100.00 Ms Carrie L. Sampson-Moore
$100.00 Ms Jeannette Stawski
$25.00 Mr Brian Denning
$20.00 Mr Jeffrey Keenan
$100.00 Ms Patricia Brown
$75.00 Mrs Joan Gerace
$250.00 Mr Daniel J. Lenckos
$20.00 Ms Julie Bruggenthies
$200.00 Mr Victor Butler
$50.00 Ms Regina Glover
$100.00 Ms Kathleen Hatch
$350.00 Mr Joseph Pamarozzo
$100.00 Mr Ivan Bartha
$100.00 Ms Kelly Dziadus
$150.00 Ms Meredith Frank
$50.00 Mrs Kate Hunt
$25.00 Mrs Heather Barke
$40.00 Ms Lynn Hansar
$30.00 Ms Margaret Kitze
$100.00 Dr Katherine Furman
$100.00 Mrs Davinder Singh
$100.00 Mr Jatinder Singh
$50.00 Mr John Balsan
$100.00 Mr Gregory Lockyer
$30.00 Ms Lori Anda
$25.00 Mrs Nicole Deter
$50.00 Mrs Rachel Murray
$25.00 Ms Pam Riley
$100.00 Mr Michael Gerace
$100.00 Ms Chelsea McCarthy
$100.00 Mr David Mertz
$200.00 Ms Amanda Hollis
$150.00 Ms Harleen Singh


Good luck!

Tim - good luck! You're an inspiration to us all, and not just because you are running 26+ miles!!!

Longest run so far

Thank you all for your generous support!!!  This morning I logged my longest run so far.  16 miles in 1:59:58.  Feeling strong and feeling motivated.

Good luck!

Good luck Tim! We will be watching for you! 

Jon says to remember the tortoise and the hare, hahah...

Way to go Timmo

Mike and I are very proud of you. It's a wonderful thing you are doing. I wish we could be there to cheer you on

Good luck!

Excited and proud of you, Tim-o!  We will be cheering you on from Chicago!!


Christine and Vic