Christine Meagher

Running has been my passion since I was 16-years old.  Unlike most high school students who spent their weekends hanging out with friends, I spent most of my weekends at cross- country and track meets.  All of my hard work paid off when I was recruited to my dream school to run for UConn. I spent my four years dedicated to running and my team.  I was captain for the UConn cross-country team my senior year.
Since I have graduated, I have done a lot of half marathons and this Boston will be my 3rd marathon. My dream has been to complete the Boston Marathon my whole life.  I have gone to watch my Dad run it 8 times, and I worked the finish line in 2005, 2006, and 2011.  My uncle, Tommy Meagher, has been the finish line coordinator for the past 17 years, and my other Uncle and Father always works along his side.
Last year was my first Boston Marathon, and it was a day I will never forget.  After I finished, I was watching my brother and sister finish their marathon when the loudest explosion happened right across the street from me (right where my Dad and two uncles were standing when I finished).  I tried to run to the scene when two volunteers escorted me away from the scene.  Luckily, I found my brother in the street and we were directed to the medical tent. I was hysterically crying and wasn’t sure if my Dad, uncles, sister, friends were all ok.
It was horrifying to see such young faces being brought into the medical tent and the only sounds you could hear were from the volunteers rushing them in. Every victim was in shock and completely silent. My brother had to make a lap around the tent to see if any of our family members had been hurt, but I was too frightened to move from my seat.  There were volunteers who gave me their cell phones to call my loved ones and even one of them gave me their sweatshirt that I still have today. 3 hours later – I was able to find my family and friends, and I am so lucky they are all ok since we were all within feet from the incident.
If you would like to see more of my story.
I am so honored to run this Boston for the innocent victims and lives affected from this past April.  This Boston Marathon will be an emotional and proud day to run for these victims and their families.  I want to dedicate my run to the heroes of those horrific events, especially for my Uncle Tommy and for Sean Collier.  I am so grateful for their protection of the city of Boston.
Thank you so much in advance for everyone’s donation.  I am so blessed to have such wonderful support and to run for MIT Strong!

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$50.00 James Sweeney
$25.00 Ms Mary Pace
$25.00 Ms Jennie Keniston
$30.00 Mr Paul Romeo
$20.00 Ms Anna Murphy
$20.00 Mr Matt McRae
$30.00 Ms Kayla Pitney
$25.00 Ms Jennifer Schraut
$25.00 Ms Julia Gregory
$25.00 Mr Daniel Jurgens
$25.00 Ms Denise Tioseco Roehl
$25.00 Brian Kern
$35.00 Mr Jim Rush
$50.00 Ms Dawn Adelson
$25.00 Ms Erin DeMarco
$30.00 Ms Elise Fish
$10.00 Ms Caroline Grassi
$25.00 Ms Christina A Toro
$20.00 Mr Theodore R. Ahrens
$75.00 Ms Beth Greenblatt
$25.00 Ms Sarah Goldstein
$100.00 Ms Karley Ast Porter
$25.00 Ms Eileen Rogan
$50.00 Ms Kathleen Vieweg
$25.00 Ms Sarah H Fernandez
$200.00 Ms Jacquelyn Stirling
$40.00 Ms Mary Sullivan
$20.00 Ms Rhonda Ferrino
$50.00 Ms Bonny S Kellermann
$25.00 Ms Christine Costello
$100.00 Mr Peter Meagher
$350.00 Ms Stephanie M. Kloos
$100.00 Mr Alexander Washburn
$25.00 Ms Elizabeth Hannick
$50.00 Mr Jeffrey Jurgens
$40.00 Ms Michelle Toufanidis
$50.00 Mr Stephen Rodriguez
$30.00 Mr Liam Cunningham
$20.00 Mr Bryan DiMare
$25.00 Ms Kelly Donovan
$25.00 Ms Kim Fox
$20.00 Ms Katy Meagher
$51.00 Ms Samira Menon
$40.00 Ms Meg Powers
$20.00 Ms Lauren Sara
$50.00 Ms Eleni Tsiroyannis
$100.00 Mr Richard Mazzola
$100.00 Ms Bridget Fantini
$50.00 Ms Kathleen Griffin
$25.00 Ms Aileen Croke
$150.00 Mr Michael McNally
$500.00 Ms Nancy O'Brien
$50.00 Mr John Nissenbaum
$100.00 Ms Yumi Yasutake
$10.00 Ms Jaclyn Dimare
$50.00 Ms Nicole Baker
$25.00 Ms Ellen Schmarsow
$25.00 Ms Brenda Richard



SO Proud of you Chrissy! It is an honor and a privilege to be your friend. I'll be cheering you on all day on 4.21!

Have a very good and safe run

Have a very good and safe run Chrissy.  I have been cheering for you since you were a little girl.  I am so proud of you and everything you have accomplished.  Enjoy the run.  It will be very special.  We will be there.

Love, Beth and Wes


Good Luck!!


We are so very proud of you!!! Good luck and have a great race!!


Jim, Lisa, Kevin and Kyle