Adam McCready

What happens when you run a 14 miler in 10 below…

Competitively running since the age of 14, this won't be my first Boston Marathon, but it will mean the most. This year, I joined the MIT Strong Team to honor Officer Collier, and his colleagues in the MIT Police Department, and to show my support for the entire MIT community. The events of April 18, 2013 are deeply personal to me. I did not know Officer Collier, but as the Dean-on-Call that evening, I was involved in the initial campus response to his death. Later that night and into the next day, my family was forced to shelter-in-place as the police moved into our Watertown neighborhood searching for the suspects.  I can't think of a better way to honor Officer Collier and to show how strong MIT, and the people of Boston, truly are.
As a symbolic gesture to Badge #179, I hope to raise at least $17,900 for the Collier Fund.

  • Up to 40%

Fundraising Goal: 


Current Fundraising Amount: 



$35.00 Ms Sinthy Kounlasa
$12.50 Mr Adam McCready
$25.00 Ms Susan McGilvray-Rivet
$5.00 Ms Rebecca Morrison
$500.00 Tim Reynolds
$300.00 Incorporate Alumni of Psi Delta
$20.00 Mr Todd Meigs
$50.00 Ms Madeline Bush
$150.00 Dr Branden Yee
$25.00 Ms Thea Zunick
$50.00 Mr Todd Sullivan
$50.00 Christopher King Wilmer
$50.00 Mrs Sara Wilmer
$50.00 Mr Stanley A Wulf
$40.00 Ms Ana Maria Chacon
$20.00 Ms Karen Cunningham
$20.00 Ms Wendi Kinney
$100.00 Benjamin Lucas Lebron
$10.00 Ms Cindy Moore
$25.00 Ms Margaret Fawley
$179.00 Mr Douglas A Creager
$50.00 Mr Patrick Nero
$34.00 Ms Judy McGuire Robinson
$179.00 Ms Christy Anthony
$20.00 Mr Alex Brown
$25.00 Ms Megan Foster
$50.00 Mrs Stephanie Hsiang
$50.00 Ms Jennifer Meredith
$50.00 Ms Barbara A. Baker
$12.50 Ms Katie Casey Maloney
$25.00 Ms Michelle Lessly
$12.50 Mr John Maloney
$50.00 Mr Ernesto Martinez, Jr
$50.00 Ms Teresa Martinez
$25.00 Mr Michael McCready
$50.00 Mr Richard Welshans
$150.00 Mr Jon Biggs
$12.50 Mrs Andrea Davis
$12.50 Mr Kevin Davis
$50.00 Ms Allison Romantz
$25.00 Mr Kyle Boutin
$25.00 Ms Lauara Clark
$20.00 Ms Alicja Estabrooks
$5.00 Caitlin A Mackey
$100.00 Mr Eric W Cigan
$25.00 Mr Aaron Donahey
$25.00 Mr Edwin Paraodi
$25.00 Mrs Teresa Parodi
$25.00 Mr Daniel Roderick
$26.20 Mr Jimmy Doan
$100.00 Mr Kevin Kraft
$25.00 Ms Evelyn Cunningham
$25.00 Mr Jacob Oppenheimer
$20.00 Mr Michael Barcelo
$25.00 Alberto  Mena
$50.00 Mr David Olson
$100.00 Ms Julie Rothhaar
$200.00 Mr Carlos B Cashman
$50.00 Ms Emily Perlow
$100.00 Mr James P Wagner
$50.00 Mr Michael Zakarian
$40.00 Ms Katherine Cosner
$100.00 Mr Eric Hodge
$30.00 Mr Nick Hoover
$30.00 Mr Patrick Huegel
$50.00 Ms Carolina Hale
$50.00 Mr David Lincoln
$50.00 Mrs Jean C. Lincoln
$50.00 Ms Libby Mahaffy
$40.00 Mr James E. Reed
$100.00 Mr Don Camelio
$100.00 Mr Fred Hale
$50.00 Dean Henry Humphreys
$25.00 Ms Noreen Finn
$100.00 Mrs Anya K. Kattef
$25.00 Dr Albert Michael Chan
$25.00 Mr Kevin Hahn
$25.00 Mr Richard L Possemato
$20.00 Dr Dafina Stewart
$50.00 Mr Jeremy Meltzer
$25.00 Mr Nate Wood
$18.00 Mr Alex Mizrahi
$179.00 Mr Andrew Caruso
$20.00 Mr Lance Lochner
$25.00 Lauren M Allen
$25.00 Ms Sindie Andruzskiewicz
$50.00 Mr Paul Sullivan
$10.00 Christine S Lai
$25.00 Mr David W. Randall
$100.00 Ms Marlena Love
$50.00 Ms Sarah Rankin
$50.00 Mr Brett Goldsmith
$25.00 Ms Lauren Piontkoski
$100.00 Mr David Rubin
$20.00 Mrs Geri-Lyn Bowen
$100.00 Mr Robert V Ferrara
$25.00 Mr Stephen Charles
$30.00 Ms Constance Hemenway
$100.00 Mr Nicholas Mccready
$100.00 Mr Dennis Collins
$50.00 Mr Derek Filipe
$179.00 Mr Richard Wood
$25.00 Ms Nilam Kotadia
$50.00 Mr Sean McCready
$50.00 Mr Thomas O Holtey
$25.00 Ms Jessica Bolandrina
$25.00 Ms Bridgette Kelly
$50.00 Mr David Mason
$100.00 Mrs Sharon McCready
$25.00 Ms Jennifer Hapgood-White
$25.00 Ms Kimberly Hapgood-White
$25.00 Mr Steve Hammel
$25.00 Mr Adam McCready


Thank You!

Thank you to the following individuals for helping to cover my marathon entrance fee! Your support means more to me than you will ever know.

  • Michael Anderson
  • Christy Anthony
  • Ruben Azocar
  • Jennifer Crotty
  • Jacob Dababneh
  • Robert Freeman
  • Jeff Horton
  • Eric Kelley
  • Ruthy Kohorn Rosenberg
  • Samantha Kurkjy
  • Marlena Love
  • John Panagakos
  • Philip Parker
  • Julie Rothaar
  • Jacob Surface

You can do it!

We've crossed into April and we're just a few weeks away from the big day! I'll be along the route cheering on Adam and the MIT Strong and Collier Strong Teams - will you?

Go Adam Go! You can do it!

Good luck!

I'm proud of you for doing this, Adam. As a "retired" Boston Marathoner, I have a special place in my heart for the race.