Charlie Maher

I joined team MIT STRONG to run the 2014 Boston Marathon to remember Officer Collier and to honor his commitment to serve and protect the MIT community.  Officer Collier was particularly remarkable because of his professionalism as well as his kind and caring demeanor.  Simply put, “He loved us, and we loved him.”
In tribute to Officer Collier, MIT has created the Sean A. Collier Memorial Fund. The funds we raise as team MIT STRONG will be used to establish a Collier Medal which will be awarded to individuals who demonstrate the values and character of Officer Collier.
I am a student in the Sloan EMBA program and an active duty officer in the submarine force of the US Navy.  I have served on four nuclear powered submarines culminating command of the USS Memphis (SSN 691).   I am now serving as the Chief of Staff of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, RI.  I have run three marathons – most recently the Marine Corps Marathon in Oct 2013.
Please give generously to honor Officer Collier and to commemorate his virtues through the Sean A. Collier Memorial Fund and the Collier Medal.

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Fundraising Goal: 


Current Fundraising Amount: 



$25.00 Mrs. Helen Maher
$25.00 Mr. John Maher
$100.00 Samuel  Lin
$100.00 Ms Shawna L. Young
$50.00 Steven Benjamin Krubiner
$250.00 Thomas P Stephens
$50.00 Joseph N Marconi
$500.00 Diane Regina Menard
$25.00 Ms Katy Radoll
$500.00 Professor Michelle Hanlon
$100.00 Mr Karim L Bibawi
$100.00 Jennifer Sarah  Bolton
$100.00 Kamran  Hameed
$100.00 Jennifer  Hansen
$200.00 Dr Laurence D. Higgins
$100.00 Sean Martin Kenney
$100.00 Lynn Marie Rivenburgh
$100.00 Joseph Richard Schloesser
$200.00 Arturo Hernan Ricke Ricke Guzman
$200.00 Laurel Leigh Taylor
$50.00 Anonymous X-10
$200.00 Allen McDonald Marcum
$50.00 Mr Geoffrey Miskinis
$50.00 William Coley VanSchalkwyk
$501.00 Kenneth Lawrence Bobu
$50.00 Adebayo Abiodun Lawal
$200.00 Angelica B Crockett
$50.00 Alfredo  Ibarra
$50.00 Thomas C Maher
$150.00 Bassam Nasrallah Ghanem
$200.00 Audrey B Charles
$50.00 Marco A Costa
$250.00 Joseph E Eastin
$100.00 Jaishan  Rajendra
$200.00 Coleen M Glessner
$100.00 Paul Dale Johansen
$50.00 Kathryn Elizabeth Liburdi
$100.00 Theodore D Kornyoh
$100.00 Michael Anthony Morales
$100.00 Lawrence  Piazza
$100.00 Francesco  Venturini
$50.00 Robert Thomas Yee
$100.00 Mr Charles Jones
$100.00 Karen-Leigh Theresa Edwards
$100.00 Charles Darrell Johnson
$150.00 Julia  Ananina
$500.00 Dr Adel M Malek
$100.00 Daniel B Martines
$100.00 David  Lopez Menendez
$200.00 Nancy Ann Smith
$100.00 Jean Paul  Lauture
$50.00 Mr Derek P Rucker
$50.00 Mrs Diane F Rucker
$100.00 Luis Ignacio Velutini
$150.00 Elizabeth Ann DeStephens
$100.00 Charles Howard Maher
$100.00 Ms Renee Benjamin
$100.00 Daniel James Cosgrove
$50.00 Thomas Edward Horstmann
$100.00 Michael William Rowell


Proud of you!


Thank you for representing the EMBA 15:15s!  Dominate, my friend!!!  We're all behind you!

Take care,


Super big thanks to you Laurel and all our EMBA '15 classmates for rallying around the cause and putting us over the top!

I really appreciate your strong support for honoring Officer Collier and giving back to MIT through the Officer Collier Fund!

Thank you!