Sarah Lewis

Sarah was born and raised in Holliston, MA (“the town next to where the Marathon starts” as she always explained to those who had never heard of it!) and is now a resident of Boston, MA. After years of cheering runners on from the sidelines in Natick and Ashland, she is honored to be running in it as part of the MIT Strong Team in the 2014 Boston Marathon.

The day before the 2013 Boston Marathon, Sarah and her sister Emily headed over to the finish line on Boylston Street to take a few pictures and join in with all of the excitement. Little did they know that these pictures would be taken under 24 hours before tragedy shook our city… and little did Sarah know that the devastation would affect her enough to motivate her to want to run a marathon.

Sarah is a Project Manager in the Information Services Department at MIT Lincoln Laboratory in Lexington, MA, and is very excited to also be representing the Lab on her journey. A few times per month she walks over the Longfellow Bridge to MIT campus to take the shuttle to work, passing by Sean Collier’s memorial on Vassar Street. She posted a picture to Instagram of his memorial a few days following Office Collier’s passing, saying “#MITStrong.”

#MITStrong has a whole new meaning for her now. She is beyond excited to be part of the MIT Strong team, and has begun training in the Boston and Cambridge area, particularly on the Charles River Path. This will be Sarah’s second time running in memory of Sean Collier, as she proudly wore her #179 bib from during the “Run to Remember” Half Marathon in May of 2013. She is looking forward to the challenges ahead, and is confident that she will succeed with the support of her family, friends, and community.

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Fundraising Goal: 


Current Fundraising Amount: 



$50.00 Diana Hill
$35.00 Mr John Gagnon
$25.00 Ms Ann Robb
$25.00 Ms Dana Ellis
$25.00 Mr Dave Ellis
$12.50 Ms Debbie Lewis
$12.50 Mr Scott Lewis
$50.00 Ms Leanne McNally
$25.00 Dr Duane S Boning
$25.00 Ms Margaret Norris Boning
$25.00 Mr Andrew C. Deardorff
$50.00 Ms Kristen Hann
$25.00 Ms Patricia O'Riordan
$50.00 Ms Nicole Sharp
$50.00 Ms Brittany Goodhouse
$50.00 Mr David Goodhouse
$50.00 Mrs Susan Goodhouse
$50.00 Ms Kim Hebert
$930.00 MIT Lincoln Laboratory Community
$25.00 Ms Phyllis B. Pearl-Baxter
$20.00 Mr Scott Pudlewski
$25.00 Mr David Sykes
$100.00 Ms Sarah White
$50.00 Mr James Pero
$25.00 Ms Michelle Jackson
$25.00 Ms Allison MacDonald
$40.00 Ms Leah Rubin
$50.00 Ms Paula M. Koehler
$50.00 Mr Scott H. Koehler
$25.00 Ms Lorraine Rossini
$25.00 Mr William T Conley
$20.00 Mr Michael Desrochers
$60.00 Holliston Fire Department
$50.00 Ms Christine Klaus
$50.00 Ms Jennifer Lennox
$100.00 Mr Dennis Lyons
$30.00 Ms Mary A. Scott
$50.00 Ms Joanne Costello
$50.00 Mr Gary Farrow
$100.00 Mrs Cathy Georgallas
$25.00 Mr Christopher Heline
$25.00 Mrs Lara Heline
$50.00 Mr Kim Young
$50.00 Mr Dustin Hodges
$25.00 Mrs Pat Montain
$40.00 Ms Ashley Scott
$25.00 Mr John Kruszkowski
$50.00 Ms Amy Berg
$50.00 Ms Emily Lewis
$25.00 Ms Lynn A. Burke
$25.00 Mr Kirk Joslin
$25.00 Mrs Sheila Joslin
$50.00 Mr Sean Irr
$50.00 Ms Jennifer O'Connell
$25.00 Ms Cheryl Burke
$50.00 Ms Ann Fisher
$40.00 Ms Katie Raabe
$50.00 Ms Kathryn Shore
$50.00 Mr Dale E Stone
$100.00 Mrs Beth Wills
$50.00 Mr Michael Cassidy
$50.00 Mr Roy Moore
$20.00 Ms Heidi White
$50.00 Ms Ashley Willis
$25.00 Mr Christopher Nutting
$150.00 Dr Marc Bernstein
$50.00 Ms Elizabeth Horne
$50.00 Ms Dinara Doyle
$50.00 Mr Viktors Muiznieks
$50.00 Ms Brenda Pogorzelski
$1,210.00 MIT LL Community Members
$250.00 Mr Thomas Lyons
$250.00 Mr Thomas Lyons
$5.00 Ms Susan Rita
$200.00 Holliston Fire Department
$50.00 Ms Kaitlin Farrow
$100.00 Ms Cheryl Casper
$25.00 Ms Catherine Miller


Good luck Sarah and MIT

Wishing you Sarah and the MIT team the best as you train for the Boston Marathon and raise funds for such a great cause.  MIT is lucky to have such great representation on such a momentous occasion.

Cheers.  You will do great things.

So proud!!!

Good Luck Sarah and to all of the MIT team.  This is a deep commitment each of you are making to run the Marathon. Such a heartwarming tribute in remembrance of Sean Collier.  So many will be there all along the way to offer support to each of you.  So very proud!!!

Best of luck Sarah!!

Sarah - really proud to see you participating in this epic event and supporting such a deserving tribute.  We will definitely support you in your training and fundraising!!   Go Lewis!!

Proud of You!

Sarah- You never cease to amaze me, wishing you and the MIT team the best of luck! Proud to call you my best friend! Always remember "If you can dream it, you can do it" Go get 'em!



We are all very proud of you and know you will represent our family, hometown, and your team very well on this honorable journey.  I'll be waiting for you just after the scream tunnel at Wellesley College but we all will be with you in spirit the entire 26.2.  The course will seem flat compared to Falmouth!!!  Good luck darlin, love you.

Good Luck Siiister!

To the best sister EVER,

    I wish you the best of luck along with the entire MITStong team, and I can't wait to see you cross that finish line! Love you :) 

Good Luck

So proud of you! Know how hard you have been training. Have a great run!

For Sarah and the MIT-Strong Team

Sarah, congratulations to you and the MIT-Strong Team!  What a wonderful way to help create a legacy that will help so many, just as Officer Collier did for the public he protected.  Way to go!

You go girl!

So proud of you  and all you have been doing at LL. You will own it tomorrow. SO PROUD OF YOU. Doing it for Sean.