Jean-Paul Lauture

I was born in Haiti.   During the past fifteen years of my career in the Caribbean (Haiti and Martinique), I have performed engineering duties for diverse market segments, including building ports and airports facilities, telecommunications networks, industrial plants, environmental facilities, and real estate infrastructures, just to name a few. 

My unusual skill set is the product of the unique mix of industrial, agricultural (environment & biosystem) and civil engineering curricula I pursued in a dual bachelor’s degree and dual master’s degrees programs at Ecole Polytechnique, McGill and Sherbrooke universities in Montréal (Canada) between 1987 and 1999. 

Five years ago, when I turned forty and reviewed my professional and personal goals and objectives, I decided to move with my family to Montréal.  To achieve these goals, I started in 2012 the Executive MBA program at Sloan and will be graduating this year. 

I just love running.  I ran a few half-marathon during the past 4 years and ran the 2013 Boston Marathon in support of the Executive MBA program.  I didn’t finish the race and was just a few minutes away from the finish line when the two bombs exploded.  Today, I am fortunate and happy to be a part of the MIT STRONG team to finish the race, to express my support once more to the Institute, to honor the memory of Sean Collier, and to transfer to my son the values of humility, effort, perseverance and respect.  

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