Bill King

I have always wanted to run the Boston Marathon but never had the guts to really actually train for it. I ran track for 4 years in High School and 4 years in College as a sprinter. Once I was out of college I started my first type of endurance sport. I started racing road bikes and have raced my way to a semi-professional level. After the marathon bombings and the horrific murder of my fellow brother Officer Sean Collier, I found the ultimate motivation to finally train for the Boston Marathon. I will run the Boston Marathon representing the MIT Police Department and in honor of our fallen brother, Sean Collier.

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Fundraising Goal: 


Current Fundraising Amount: 



$25.00 Mr Ben Jensen
$25.00 Ms Melissa Buttaro
$50.00 Mr Francis H. Walsh, III
$75.00 Mr Shane Callahan
$100.00 Mr Fred D. Drinkwater
$25.00 Ms Vera Guller
$25.00 Mr Vitaly Guller
$100.00 Ms Susan E. Flint Barr
$100.00 Mr Joseph Zizzo
$50.00 Ms Christine M. Quirion
$100.00 Mrs Debra T. Slocum
$50.00 Mr Ronald Gomes-Casseres
$40.00 Ms Jennifer Heikkinen
$100.00 Ms Lila Tocci
$30.00 Ms Jessie Powers
$20.00 Ms Emily Rosenfeld
$50.00 Ms Samantha Bull
$50.00 Mr Ronald Clapham
$50.00 Ms Marianne Correale
$25.00 Ms Noami Perault
$25.00 Ms Michaela Powers
$25.00 Mr Zen Rider
$100.00 Mr Warren Mcinnis


Strong Person

Dear Bill King,

I really think that you are a strong person.  It is sad that you have lost one of your fellow friends.  There were a lot of people that donated money to you.  It looks like you are a GREAT dad! :)  I can tell that you like to ride bikes also.  I like riding bikes too.  I think that MIT is a great place to go to and work.  You have a hard job for working as a Police Officer.  I really think that you are a great person because you look nice and kind.  You have been through a rough time but you are happy now.  I hope that you like my comment.  :) :) :) 

Just another reason why I am

Just another reason why I am so proud to call you my son.  You are an amazing, compassionate, loyal and thoughtful man!  God bless you and all your fellow officers.  I pray for you all everyday.  l love you with all my heart, Always, your Mom xo

Way to go.  I was watching

Way to go.  I was watching the finish camera, and watching your little cartoon runner head down Boylston, but could not pick you out at the finish.  Bravo!   Fortis!



I watched your little cartoon runner on the baa site, and watched the finish line camera, but could not pick you out crossing.  Well done!