Madeline Hickman

Hi!  My name is Madeline Hickman (Maddie).  I graduated from MIT in 2011, and met Sean on campus the following year, when he stopped a friend and me on our way to a backpacking trip to introduce himself and ask about hiking.  We became close friends over the course of the following year, and spent a lot of time hiking, listening to music, or just talking about life and joking around.  Sean was a wonderful person and a great friend, always offering his help and making time to hang out, and it means a lot to me to be able to run the marathon in his name.  

I’m excited to be running this year, particularly as part of a community for which this means so much; it’s been really nice to feel the love and support in Boston and at MIT over the past year, and the Collier Fund seems like a great way of doing something positive in Sean’s memory.

About me:  

I studied mechanical engineering at MIT, and currently do contract work in design, hands-on education, and international development.  I’m a member of the MIT Outing Club, and love being outside and/or active – hiking, biking, climbing, swing dancing, etc.  I’ve never done much running before starting to train for the marathon, but am excited to jump in the deep end! 

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$100.00 Prof James H Williams Jr
$100.00 Adelaide S Calbry-Muzyka
$20.00 Robert W McQueen
$100.00 Carly A Narlesky
$50.00 Mr Steven Burnett
$20.00 Michael B Eck
$20.00 Ms Jessica Huang
$30.00 Brian D McCarthy
$25.00 Ms Susan Mershon
$40.00 Mr Parker Porfilio
$146.83 Timothy E Robertson
$10.00 Mr Daniel Schott
$10.00 Mr James Tetazoo
$25.00 Andrea L Blakemore
$40.00 Aaron  Buikema
$15.00 Daniel L Gerber
$50.00 Ross N Greenwood
$17.90 Kayla A Meduna
$15.00 Ms Jessica Montana
$20.00 Amy E Riley
$15.00 Ludwig  Schmidt
$20.00 James E White
$50.00 Mr Frieder Wittmann
$20.00 Vamsi K Aribindi
$20.00 Yakov Ilich Berchenko-Kogan
$36.00 Lily R Berger
$100.00 Sergei S Bernstein
$25.00 Erika M Bildsten
$100.00 Mr Zachary Capalbo
$20.00 James Loren Christian
$100.00 Robin L Dahan
$15.00 Jasmine R Florentine
$222.00 Eben M Freeman
$100.00 Mr Serdar Gozpinar
$40.00 Bo  Han
$55.50 Itaru L Hiromi
$20.00 Ms Terra Hittson
$15.00 Carolina N Kaelin
$18.18 Paul M Kominers
$50.00 James D Logan
$50.00 Ms Mary E. Meixelsperger
$20.00 Daniel C Mokrauer-Madden
$75.00 Alexander R Mott
$50.00 Ms Margaret Muckenhoupt
$50.00 James Douglass Penn
$50.00 Jie  Qi
$25.00 Peter K Reinhardt
$15.00 Michael R Salvato
$50.00 Benjamin Paul Scandella
$50.00 Dr Joseph Scott Stuart
$10.00 Paula M Te
$50.00 Ms Elizabeth A. Velasquez
$50.00 Joshua  Velasquez
$100.00 Aron P Walker
$36.00 Reuben M Aronson
$100.00 Richard A Dahan
$10.00 Adam D Kraft
$30.00 Philip William Kreycik
$40.00 Steven J Levine
$50.00 Mr Steven Pearson
$10.00 Kelly Elizabeth Daumit
$20.00 Alina  Griner
$25.00 David Hughes
$50.00 Mr Benjamin Lawent
$20.00 Kathryn E Stanchak
$20.00 Alison Louise Olechowski
$50.00 Ms Heting Chu
$150.00 Ms Sonia Richards
$50.00 Mr Jianming Shen
$50.00 Ms Bronwyn Mellquist
$15.00 Mr Wolfram Moebius
$50.00 John W Romanishin
$40.00 Craig M Broady
$20.00 Mr Bill Jenkins
$100.00 Mr Rob Atlas
$20.00 Samantha D Marquart
$20.00 Ms Ashley Stipek
$10.00 Emma C Benjaminson
$15.00 Lauren A Chai
$50.00 Mr Jonathan Gordon
$20.00 Ms Dana Neel
$100.00 Clara J Stefanov-Wagner
$52.40 Ms Sandra L. Mitchell
$25.00 Kenneth Suprin
$25.00 Randal S Pope
$12.50 Ms Barbara Cronmiller
$12.50 Ms Lisa Damon
$50.00 Dr Stephen H Hickman
$37.50 Marta  Fernandez Suarez
$37.50 Mr Victor G. Serrat
$50.00 Ms Elizabeth Craig
$20.00 Stephen B Howland
$10.00 Samuel Mospens Nicaise
$25.00 Maria N Prus
$10.00 Ian P Tracy
$25.00 Mr Jake Weisberg
$50.00 Stephen Patrick York
$25.00 Heather Rachel Beem
$100.00 Enrique J Cintron
$100.00 Mr Peter Hickman
$250.00 Donald K Landergren
$77.77 Mr Jonathan Marcus
$20.00 Mr Daniel Maser
$179.00 Kelly A Ran
$50.00 Ms Sylvia Hickman
$25.00 Mr Peter Damon
$125.00 Ms Lisa Berezin
$125.00 Mr John W Hickman
$100.00 Ms Barbara Cronmiller
$100.00 Ms Lisa Damon
$20.00 Mr John Furtney
$20.00 Mr Jerod Richards-Walsh
$25.00 Petek  Saracoglu
$12.50 Mrs Esther Craig
$12.50 Mr Roy Craig
$50.00 MinWah  Leung


I Support You

Dear Madeline, 

First of all I have the same name as you so I think that is awesome.  You are really pretty and I hope you do well in the race.  You are doing it for a good cause so I hope you keep trying.  Officer Shawn Collier sounds like a great person.  When you run the race he will be looking down on you knowing you support him. You are a strong girl and are amazing.  You said you like to exersice well 2 days a week we all run for 10 minutes some kids do it every day.  Well all I have to say is your amazing and I can't wait to see you run!



Hi Madeline.  You sound

Hi Madeline.  You sound amazing.  I like to be active too.  I do a lot of sport's.  I hope you do really good in the race and I'm sorry you lost a friend.  I think Officer Collier is happy that you guys are doing it.  I belive Officer Collier would like it and maybe he would always be remebered as a friend and hero.  I wish he didn't have to die so soon.  Madeline do you ever wish that day was just a bad dream? because I do.  Do a good job in the race because I know Mr.Collier would won't you too.