Domingo Godoy

Why I'm running with MIT Strong:

Last year I was standing close to the finish line waiting for a relative that was running. He crossed the finish line 10 minutes before the explosions. However, among the chaos we didn´t hear from him in 4 hours, but luckily he was safe. Later that week I was overwhelmed to hear about Officer Collier´s death, while he was on-campus and serving the community. I’ve heard amazing stories about him and he was well known among the Chilean community. Very confused and away from my home country, I was greatly surprised about how Boston and specially the MIT community overcame to such tragic events.

About Me

I´m a Chilean MBA Candidate 2014, passionate about innovation and sports. Co-President of the MIT Sloan Latin Business Club and a forward in the MIT Sloan Soccer team. I’ve travelled the world, visited 6 continents and still looking for my next adventure. Before last year events, I’d never run more than 6 miles. I believe that something that day ignite my passion about running. It might be the sense of community or the inspiring testimonies. But, here I am, with over 600 miles and the NY Marathon 2013 on my body, eager to represent Boston, MIT and Sean Collier’s memory in April 2014.

Fundraising Goal:

I’ve committed to fundraise $4,000 for the Collier Memorial Fund. However, I’ll do my best to surpass this goal and I’m sure that the MIT community will join me in this endeavor.

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Fundraising Goal: 


Current Fundraising Amount: 



$50.00 Bryan  Kapicka
$25.00 Mr Antonio Osio Tovar
$20.00 Jorge Luis  Riveros Gilardi
$10.00 Ignacio  Del Rio
$15.00 Jane Kathryn Guertin
$50.00 Ms Susan Kline
$20.00 Daniel Joseph Tomaschko
$20.00 Mr Javier Avendano
$20.00 Jonathan Todd Barker
$100.00 Felipe Pascual
$30.00 Mr Marcelo Gutierrez
$20.00 Alicia Shu-Huey Ling
$20.00 Ms Keka Rogers
$50.00 Mr Sebastian Fernandez
$50.00 Jindallae  Kim
$50.00 Chang Youn Lee
$10.00 Mr Pablo Vinuela
$30.00 Ms Cinthya Avalos Melendez
$25.00 Jean-Philippe A Gerald
$25.00 Francisca  Merchan Higuera
$50.00 Ms Pablo Oyarzun
$25.00 Patricia Wen-Fen Dodson
$60.00 Mr Eduardo Undurraga
$25.00 Armando Manuel Briceno Goycoolea
$25.00 Francisco Jose Dopazo
$1,500.00 MIT Sloan Penny Wars
$45.00 Nicolas Godoy
$20.00 Martha Belden
$50.00 Daniel E Gonzalez
$50.00 Ms Amelia Pertuze
$20.00 Ignacio  Fernandez Dussaut
$15.00 Ana  Villanueva
$50.00 Ms Erika Korowin
$15.00 Rodrigo Salvador Garcia Palma
$25.00 Dario Andres Salas Machado
$50.00 Jennifer Jamie Lau
$25.00 Mr Tomas Ulloa
$40.00 Robert Gregory Nelson
$30.00 Ms Angelica Pavez
$50.00 Vanessa Lynn William
$25.00 Juan Francisco Benedetti
$25.00 Claudia Teresa Maria Day
$20.00 Nathanaelle Claire Klein
$20.00 Panayiotis  Nicolaou
$20.00 Mr Jose Valenzuela
$10.00 Nicolas  Alegria Esquivel
$30.00 Mr Ricardo Diaz Riadi
$25.00 Fadel Antonio Ibrahim Messanne
$65.00 Katherine A Lewis
$25.00 Tatiana  Mendoza
$30.00 Cecilia  Testart Pacheco
$200.00 Dr C Christine Kelly
$25.00 Marcelo  Ratafia
$40.00 Ignacio  Undurraga
$20.00 Dr Yuly Fuentes-Medel
$40.00 Mr Steven Cohn
$20.00 Ms Claudia Morales
$25.00 Kenneth Yau Joong Young
$40.00 Sebastian Domingo Valenzuela
$50.00 Ignacio  Barria
$25.00 Mrs Ana Garcia
$50.00 Sebastian  Ugarte Astaburuaga
$15.00 Mrs Daniela Agusti
$15.00 Felipe  Severino
$20.00 Weishi Janice  Tan
$30.00 Mr Roman Guridi
$20.00 Mr Ian MacKinnon
$25.00 Hector  Garcia Tellado
$50.00 Jorge Thomas  Camus Ibanez
$30.00 Rachel N Scott
$30.00 Javier Alberto Fuentes
$20.00 Augusto  Ruiz-Tagle
$30.00 Amol M Kapadia
$120.00 MIT Sloan Indian Ocean 2014
$40.00 Adetayo O Akisanya
$25.00 Jose Manuel Garcia
$50.00 Ms Marina Pastrana
$26.00 Tiana  Veldwisch
$30.00 Martina  Panlilio
$20.00 Mr Jose Vertiz
$20.00 Mr Vitor Mendonca E Silva
$50.00 Gabriel Antonio Rodriguez-Garriga
$100.00 Ms Julie T Strong