Rachel DeLucas

Hi! My name is Rachel DeLucas and I am psyched to be part of the MITStrong Marathon team! I have been an active member of the Outing Club (MITOC) for a number of years now and met the delightful Sean Collier when he joined our club as a participant in Winter School. MITOC is a community that I value greatly and the loss of Sean as part of it was devastating. I hope help the team achieve our fundraising goal and thereby help ensure that Sean is remembered as the valued MIT community member that he was.

A bit about me – I love the outdoors and hike/backpack, bike, sea kayak, climb (a bit), hunt (without much success), fish, mountaineer, and roll in the mud in all the seasons that I can. I like to share my love of the outdoors with others and treasure the opportunity that MITOC gives to introduce people to safe recreation in the backcountry. I haven’t historically been a runner, but I do long distance runs to stay in decent shape for my outdoors adventures. When I’m not outside, I work as a materials engineer and love to make things in a variety of ways – knitting, cooking, sewing, welding, etc..

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Fundraising Goal: 


Current Fundraising Amount: 



$50.00 Dr Ann Shellenbarger Jones
$50.00 Dr Thouis Raymond Jones
$25.00 Elizabeth A Ward
$12.50 Ms Jacqueline Kirtley
$12.50 Mr James L Kirtley V
$25.00 Ms Lisa Berezin
$25.00 Mr John W Hickman
$50.00 Antonio R Vicente
$50.00 Mr Cyrus R Eyster
$26.22 Mr Usman O Akeju
$10.00 Mr Amittai E Axelrod
$20.00 Mr Philip J Butler
$50.00 Mr Brice Chung
$50.00 Mrs Marie Demicco
$50.00 Mr William A Demicco
$50.00 Andrew B Ellis
$50.00 Mrs Gisele M Ellis
$50.00 Ms Susan Mershon
$100.00 Karen E Robinson
$20.00 Dr Jean Crawford
$100.00 Nathan A Fitzgerald
$50.00 Limor  Fried
$200.00 Mr Edmund W Golaski
$25.00 Ms LeeAnn L Henn
$50.00 Mr Douglas Kelley
$50.00 Ms Grace R Kessenich
$100.00 Mr Zachary J Malchano
$17.90 Kayla A Meduna
$25.00 Mr Alejandro  Morales
$100.00 Mr James S Robertson
$50.00 Ms Emma L Smith
$100.00 Jennifer E Hu
$50.00 Ms Katherine A Paur
$50.00 Ms Rachel Stanley
$50.00 James J Wnorowski
$30.00 Philip William Kreycik
$25.00 Mrs Amy L. Simpkins
$25.00 Mrs Amy L. Simpkins
$25.00 Travis Lee Simpkins
$25.00 Travis Lee Simpkins
$12.50 Mr Bobby E. Sharp
$12.50 Mrs Cindy Sharp
$25.00 Ms Jasmine Carter
$10.00 Kelly Elizabeth Daumit
$150.00 MinWah  Leung
$25.00 Ms Dana M Scott
$25.00 Mr Christopher R Shabsin
$20.00 Kathryn E Stanchak
$20.00 Ms Rosalind K Takata
$50.00 Ms Amanda V Wozniak
$250.00 Mr Michael P Phillips
$15.00 Mr Wolfram Moebius
$12.50 Mrs Mary G. Dacey
$12.50 Mr Pat Dacey
$50.00 Michelle  Kwak
$50.00 John W Romanishin
$25.00 Ms Elise M. Westmeyer
$50.00 Dr John C Barr
$50.00 Ms Susan E. Flint Barr
$100.00 Ms Alessandra De Lucas
$20.00 Ms Katie Michelle Carbonari
$25.00 Mr Shivin Misra
$10.00 Ian P Tracy
$20.00 Mr Jerod Richards-Walsh
$50.00 Amanda M Bligh
$25.00 Chad Phillip Brown
$20.00 Ms Jennifer F Murphy
$25.00 Tanis A O'Connor
$20.00 Jairaj Deepak Vora
$25.00 Mr David C Leung
$25.00 Ms Charlene Clark
$25.00 Ms Alice M Leung
$20.00 Mr David Lowe
$75.00 Petek  Saracoglu
$50.00 Christopher M Vogt
$50.00 MinWah  Leung



Thanks for training and running, Rachel.  Long list of runners, hard to choose.  The Katahdin summit (and your low fund raising) did it for me.