John Cunniffe

My name is John P. Cunniffe. I am running the 2014 Boston Marathon for The MIT Strong Team to honor and remember Officer Sean Collier. I am excited to be given the oppurtunity to honor Sean by dedicating my race to him. I ran last years Boston Marathon however was stopped on Hereford Street due to the horrible acts of that day and was not able to finish. This year I will finish and will be motivated by running in memory of Sean.

I work as a 2nd Class EnginneerĀ  in the Central Utility Plant here at MIT and have been there since July of 2010. I have run 5 marathons and truly enjoy the lifestyle marathoning demands. There is no better feeling than after completing a jog. I am a native of Jamaica Plain and enjoy golf, cycling and being an Uncle.

I do most of my training on my own but for my long runs I train with the L Street Running Club of South Boston. Running has taught me alot about myself and life and I am lucky to be ableĀ  to pound the pavement. Please consider donating to the Sean Collier Medal Fund and thank you for your support.

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