Kris Brewer

Running has been something I do to stay in shape, but I've never used it as an opportunity to compete. I always told myself that I'd rather backpack or hike 26.2 miles and you wouldn't catch me running a marathon unless I had a really good reason... Enter the MIT Strong Team!

Sean was in the MIT Outing Club with me. The first time I met him, he was in unifrom and dropped by the MIT Climbing Wall, which I manage, to visit some mutual friends and check out the space.  At first I thought someone had called the police to report a disturbance or something as the jovial atmosphere of the Wall sometimes gets a bit crankin' with the music and all. Sean was all smiles, curiosity and excitement at another outdoor resource at the Institute.

I do have two regrets: one was when I hosted a going away party at my place for a friend of mine a few weeks before the marathon and Sean came by and I missed the opportunity to have some good times then (called away to Chicago for a last minute decision to attend a wedding), the other is missing the weekly stairs workout the night before Sean was shot due to letting myself use work as an excuse. It was a beautiful night and apparently Sean (who would do stairs workouts while in uniform :) snuck everyone who made it that night onto the roof to watch the sunset from the highest vantage in Cambridge.

This is my first and last marathon and I am proud to be running it in Sean's memory and plan to take it to the mountains that I love and know that Sean wanted to make it to someday (Denali coming soon!).  Thanks for your support!

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GOOD LUCK  KRIS!!!!  We'll be cheering for you in Cleveland Circle!  Well, Tim might heckle you a little...but mostly it will be cheering!