Thomas Brand

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Fundraising Goal: 


Current Fundraising Amount: 



$250.00 Mr Ryan Dionne
$50.00 Mr Jason Richer
$100.00 Ms Diana Hughes
$50.00 Ms Eileen M. DesRosiers
$25.00 Jessica Smith
$50.00 Ms Christine M Albertelli
$50.00 Mr Alex Prengel
$25.00 Ms Katherine Wahl
$25.00 Ms Lisa Robinson
$50.00 Joanne W Larrabee
$25.00 Mr Christopher LaRoche
$50.00 Oliver Thomas
$50.00 Mr David J Conlon
$250.00 Mr Mark V Silis
$100.00 Mr John Charles
$200.00 Mr Bart Dahlstrom
$50.00 Ms Monique Yeaton
$100.00 Mr Chris Gresham
$100.00 Mr Stephen Buckley
$25.00 Ms Barbara A. Johnson
$50.00 Mr Andrew Munchbach
$50.00 Mr Jeffrey I Schiller
$50.00 Ms Karen E Walrath
$100.00 Ms Barbara Goguen
$100.00 Ms Mary Weisse


Thanks for Running!

Tom, thanks for running in the Marathon as part of the MIT Strong Team and allowing me to support you and others in this significant event.

We're getting there

More than halfway to our fundraising goal and I know that there are a couple of additional donations that are not yet appearing here.  Yay!!


I came in just to check on any updates.  Just yesterday we were around the 50% mark, and today we've exceeded the goal.  This is such great news, and a real testament to our colleagues in IS&T and beyond.  Very cool!


Your Awesome

I think what you are doing is very inspiring to kids.  Congrats on getting enough money.  Keep up the great work!