Support the Collier Fund at MIT

The MIT Strong team is drawn from across the MIT community: undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We are proud to run for MIT, and grateful for the support of our families, colleagues, and friends.

Sponsor an individual runner—or the team as a whole

We will honor Officer Collier at the marathon this spring—and, by raising money for the Collier Fund at MIT, on our campus far into the future. The Collier Fund will enable the Collier Medal and other aspects of the MIT community that reflect his character and values. Support the team in two ways:

1. Sponsor an individual runner
To sponsor an individual team member, select his or her name from the list at the right to visit their MIT Strong page, where you will be directed to a runner-specific donation form on the MIT Giving site.

2. Sponsor the team as a whole
You may also sponsor the team as a whole. Credit for gifts to the entire team will be shared among all the runners towards their individual fundraising goals. To sponsor the team as a whole, make your gift through the MIT Strong general contribution form:

>> Make a gift to sponsor the entire team - select "in honor of" and enter "MIT Strong Team" to direct your donation to the general team account. Thanks!

Thank you!

We are grateful for the support of our contributors. Feeling the strength of so many family, friends, and colleagues motivates us through our training in a particularly harsh winter, and will propel us to the finish line in April. Thank you for being part of our effort.

Team MIT Strong


Donations to the Team (thank you!)

$50.00 Ms Jessica Stitt
$100.00 Ms Katherine E Eastment
$20.00 Ms Kara Fleming
$120.00 Mr Christopher Giles
$12.50 Mrs Dorothy A. Mickel
$12.50 Mr Ronald Mickel
$200.00 Dr John R Ross
$25.00 Dr Jennifer B Smith
$100.00 Ms Jeannine Ayotte
$20.00 Ashley A Brown
$25.00 Dr Deborah G Douglas
$50.00 Ms Grace H. Tan-Wang
$50.00 Mr Jeffrey W Wang
$35.00 Ms Kathryn Fischer
$25.00 Mr Ronnie Haas
$100.00 Dr William M Kettyle
$100.00 Dr William M Kettyle
$100.00 Mr Akihiko Nakaoka
$179.00 Ms Sarra Shubart
$25.00 Ms Stacia M Swanson
$125.00 Dr Franklin T. Tew
$125.00 Mrs Monica S. Tew
$26.20 Ms Edith Wun
$100.00 Sarah E Cole
$50.00 Julia G Crowley Farenga
$200.00 Miss Nicole A Larrier
$50.00 Ms Karen Nolet
$500.00 Sasha  Revankar
$100.00 Dr Donald E Shobrys
$500.00 Jerome  Vaudant
$50.00 Ms Ann Warner-Harvey
$262.00 Ms Deborah J Cohen
$50.00 Mr Thomas P Gaul
$10.00 Albert A Liau
$10.00 Ms Carol Luddecke
$25.00 Ms Deborah A. Bowser
$25.00 Mr Alec N. Brooks
$37.50 Mr David E. Fittery
$37.50 Mrs Lisa R. Fittery
$25.00 Mrs Carol A. Helliwell
$25.00 Mr Geoffrey E. Helliwell
$25.00 Ms Carol K. Samek
$100.00 Prof Jo Anne Yates
$500.00 Prof W Eric L Grimson
$50.00 Dr Kimberle Koile
$25.00 Mr Shawn Korf
$20.00 Ms Shelby L. Krider
$50.00 Mr Peter Muise
$50.00 Elsa A Olivetti
$200.00 Mr George V Petrowsky
$20.00 Ms Cara E Rowe
$50.00 Ms Cynthia Shen
$50.00 Ms Jane White
$25.00 Ms Kerin Willis
$179.00 Ms Mary Donovan
$25.00 Ms Valerie DiNardo
$20.00 Matthew Aaron Getz
$50.00 Ms Patricia White
$50.00 Mrs Annette Abruzzese
$25.00 Ms Linda S. Arduino
$25.00 Peter J Dennedy-Frank
$25.00 Mr Geoffrey F Ebeling
$20.00 Ms Mary Farrahar
$50.00 Ms Carolyn Fuller
$50.00 Ms Kathleen Larson
$50.00 Ms Kathleen L. MacArthur
$50.00 Mr William F McAvinney
$25.00 Ms Maureen Moran
$35.00 Ms Patricia A Sampson
$25.00 Ms Mary McDavitt
$50.00 Christine  Meier
$25.00 Ms Gloria D Raymond
$100.00 Dr Nancy L Rose
$100.00 Mr William H. Connelly, Jr
$20.00 Benjamin Sherman Morse
$25.00 Ms Christine L Tempesta
$20.00 Erdin Baktybekovich Beshimov
$50.00 Mr Robert J. Casey
$50.00 Mr Jeremy R Gregory
$407.00 Ms Lauren S. Haynie
$400.00 Anonymous
$100.00 Mr Imad Mouline
$25.00 Ms Allison Parisi
$262.00 Ms Theresa Regan
$50.00 Mr Darren Scartissi
$50.00 Ms Zsuzsanna Zsengeller
$50.00 Mr Joseph Connolly
$101.00 Anirban  Mazumdar
$50.00 Mrs Mary E Young
$50.00 Ms Jacqueline Wilbur
$12.50 Ms Vannia DeLaCuba
$12.50 Mr Esteban D. Lizardo
$50.00 Ms Melissa Marquardt
$20.00 Adrian Vasile Dalca
$25.00 Ms Noreen Finn
$10.00 Ms Laura F. Koller
$100.00 Ms Susan Rock
$50.00 Ms Camilla Brinkman
$350.00 Ms Stephanie M. Kloos
$25.00 Mrs Elizabeth A. Gaither
$25.00 Prof Milton C. Gaither
$12.50 Mrs Laura E. Snyder
$12.50 Mr Michael C. Snyder
$25.00 Mr Andrew K. Thom
$25.00 Mrs Veronica N. Thom
$50.00 Mr Ameet Singh
$125.00 Mr Daniel M Beyerbach
$100.00 Ms Jane R Unger
$100.00 Dr Patricia Peterson Bentley
$50.00 David P Fenning
$20.00 Mr Jon Ferguson
$100.00 Dr Lisa C McIlrath
$50.00 Mr Jorgen P Olsson
$20.00 Katrina D Tavanlar
$35.00 Dr Katherine  McCreight
$40.00 Micah Rye Eckhardt
$50.00 Mr Peter Brenton
$100.00 Ms. Sally Chapman
$30.00 Mr Panashe Flint
$25.00 Ms Anna B. Klein
$50.00 Ms Cecilia Marra
$25.00 Mr Corey Avery
$50.00 Mr Joshua S. Jacobs
$25.00 Mrs Diana Krusell
$25.00 Mr Jay Krusell
$25.00 Dr Howard A Trachtenberg
$100.00 Kathryn E Stanchak
$20.00 Ms Donna Cairns
$25.00 Ms Valerie L Censabella
$50.00 Ms Patty Eames
$50.00 Ms Lesley S. Rock
$50.00 Ms Mara Karapetian
$5.00 Dr Karen M. Fitzgerald
$5.00 Dr Ross H. Weinberg

$9691.20 - General Team Donation Total

Combined Team Goal: $142,600

Overall Team Donation Total: $207,188.73

Up to 145+%!

In tribute to Officer Collier, the Institute has created the Sean A. Collier Memorial Fund. Supporting the MIT Strong team will help this new fund get up and running. Gifts to this fund will be used to establish the Collier Medal—to be awarded to individuals who demonstrate the values and character of Officer Collier—as well as other causes.

We are grateful for your support. Please visit our giving page to sponsor an individual runner or to make a contribution to the team as a whole:

>> Support the MIT Strong Team

All gifts are tax deductible. Thank you for supporting the MIT community and for honoring the life and memory of Officer Collier.