Tom Gearty

I've run three marathons so far in my life: Boston in 2003 and 2004, and Sydney, Australia, in 2008. This year's Boston Marathon will be my fourth, but it will be the most important race I've run.

The bombings last April and the murder of Officer Collier struck two communities close to my heart: the Boston Marathon and MIT. When I was a child, my family traveled into Boston every year to the bottom of Heartbreak Hill, standing in front of the low wall that runs along Boston College to cheer on the runners. I still remember Bill Rodgers running past in 1975 wearing his t-shirt with Boston written on it in magic marker. Later in my life, my full-time job was managing a 230-person marathon team as part of the Boston Athletic Association's charity program. I've trained on the course in winter snowstorms, felt the support of the crowd along the route in the springtime, and known the thrill of turning the corner on Boylston Street.

And for the past five years, I've been fortunate to work at MIT in roles that ask me to interact with students, faculty, and staff from around the Institute. I've seen up close the commitment of the MIT Police to keep our campus safe. I've watched students rally to help their classmates. And with the rest of the community I felt the outpouring of compassion, caring, and goodwill that brought us all together last spring.

When those April tragedies struck both the marathon and the Institute, I knew that MIT had to be part of this year's race. And so I'm proud to join a team of runners drawn from every corner of our community, to honor the memory of Officer Collier, and to share the strength of MIT with Boston and the world.

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$50.00 Ms Jennifer Schmitt
$100.00 Ms Sara Malconian
$1000.00 Prof. Vladimir Bulovic
$200.00 Mr Brian McDonald
$20.00 Ms Georgia Bellas
$64.00 Mr Matthew Gamber
$25.00 Mr Bruce Myren
$32.00 Mr M S. Brauer
$20.00 Ms Kristen Koob
$50.00 Ms Lorraine Ng
$50.00 Mr Peter D. Cummings
$32.00 Ms Anita Lewin
$25.00 Ms Abby M. Hopper
$25.00 Ms Sarah O'Neill
$26.20 Ms Stephanie Hansen
$50.00 Ms Jennifer McGlinchey-Sexton
$33.00 Ms Judy McGuire Robinson
$125.00 Elizabeth J Eddison
$25.00 Ms Vachiraphorn Finnegan
$125.00 Ms Bonnie Gleason
$35.00 Mr Jason London
$32.00 Ms Joanne Lukitsh
$25.00 Ms Amy Magiera
$50.00 Mrs Gayle M Gallagher
$50.00 Mr Larry Gallagher
$100.00 Ms Kathryn M. Hess
$200.00 Mr Richard MacMillan
$22.00 Mr Guy Telemaque
$50.00 Ms Katha B Washburn
$32.00 Mr MJ Benson
$125.00 Mr Sean Bogue
$20.00 Ms Carole Cappuccio
$25.00 Ms Kerry Ferguson
$100.00 Mr Joseph Forrest
$100.00 Ms Sarah Forrest
$100.00 Mr Michael Parkin
$25.00 Ms Sarah D Hendrick
$50.00 Ms Elizabeth Karagianis
$200.00 Mr John P. O'Neill
$25.00 Ms Trinity Peacock-Broyles
$25.00 Ms Yumi Yasutake
$100.00 Mr James Brogioli
$25.00 Ms Elizabeth C Leonard
$100.00 Mr James Montague
$100.00 Mr Marco Munoz
$150.00 Mr Kenneth J Stone
$25.00 Ms Christina A Toro
$30.00 Ms Ingrid Vargas
$25.00 Ms Tracey Woodbury
$20.00 Ms Kimberly Benard
$25.00 Ms Sarah H Fernandez
$50.00 Mr Brent Arvidson
$50.00 Ms Barbara A. Baker
$50.00 Mr Jay Dolan
$25.00 Mr Patrick M Gabridge
$25.00 Ms Tracy A Gabridge
$25.00 Anthony Van Niel MD
$25.00 Ms Elizabeth Connolly
$25.00 Stefanie Koperniak
$100.00 Mr Steven J McAlister
$100.00 Ms Martha Ruest
$50.00 Ms Stephanie Eich
$100.00 Mr Howard M Heller
$25.00 Mr Henry Horenstein
$25.00 Ms Nicole Taylor
$25.00 Ms Carol Dobson
$12.50 Mr James M. Eysenbach
$12.50 Mrs Peggy O. Eysenbach
$100.00 Ms Margaret Ann Gray
$25.00 Mr Derek Jones
$25.00 Ms Stephanie Richardson
$25.00 Ms Tricia Sullivan-Mullen
$179.00 Ms Elisha Winkler
$50.00 Ms Mindy Brauer
$25.00 Ms Lindley C Huey
$50.00 Ms Jesse Souweine
$125.00 Mrs Marla C. Parker
$125.00 Mr Michael L. Parker
$25.00 Ms Christina Mansdorf
$25.00 Ms Shannon McCord
$25.00 Ms Danyel Barnard
$100.00 Ms Martha E. Sieniewicz
$26.20 Mr Ronald S Phelan
$25.00 Ms Barbara Malec
$50.00 Elizabeth J Eddison
$10.00 Mr Thomas Gearty
$25.00 Mr Nick Holden
$25.00 Mr Kevin Leonardi
$25.00 Dr Alison Hynd
$25.00 Ms Leah Forrest


Go Tom Go

Go Tom Go!  I know 2 runners on the team, you and Brian Mulcahey.  Go guys go!

Thanks Tom!

Tom, thanks for your leadership and that of your teammates in making this effort come together.  Here's to you and the entire MIT Strong Team!!  Best of luck, Steve