Stephanie Kloos

On April 15, 2013, I was cheering in the stands at the Finish Line across from the first explosion. After the fear and chaos of that marathon Monday and the tragic murder of Sean Collier on April 18th, there have been many difficult times. However, running and being a part of the MIT community has helped a great deal. While I didn’t know Sean personally, his impact on his peers and the students at MIT was remarkable.
MIT and the Boston community have shown their true strength and humanity over the last 12 months and I am honored to have the opportunity to run and fundraise for the Sean Collier Memorial Fund at MIT. Thank you for visiting my personal page as part of the MIT Strong Boston Marathon team.

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Fundraising Goal: 


Current Fundraising Amount: 



$20.00 Ms Susan Pscodna
$26.20 Ms Aime MacDonald
$15.00 Ms Dana Hamlin
$26.20 Ms Stephanie Hansen
$25.00 Ms Aileen Kawabe
$25.00 Mr Jason Erbse
$33.00 Ms Judy McGuire Robinson
$100.00 Ms Kathryn M. Hess
$100.00 The Rev John A. Wuestneck
$15.00 Ms Mary A. Carlson
$50.00 Ms Libby Mahaffy
$50.00 Ms Mindy Brauer
$50.00 Mrs Stephen Kloos
$100.00 Ms Caleb Wong
$26.20 Mr Michael Weinstein
$25.00 Ms Victoria Palay
$50.00 Mr PJ Aspesi
$25.00 Ms Kim Fox
$20.00 Ms Sandra H Lett
$50.00 Ms Julie Soriero
$1,000.00 Mr David Hurt
$25.00 Mr Dwight Totten
$25.00 Mrs Kathy Totten
$25.00 Ms Jean Reale
$50.00 Mrs Nancy Martin
$100.00 Ms Carrie L. Sampson-Moore
$50.00 Ms Mary Beth Totten
$50.00 Ms Anne Wilson Yu
$100.00 Ms Kathleen Hatch

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